Eyeshadow Wishlist // March 17, 2016

Lately I’ve been wanting to “invest” in some mid-range (or even high end) eyeshadow palettes. Palettes are a great way to try multiple colors that are meant to work well together. I just can’t fathom going into an ULTA (or ordering from Sephora) and dropping hundreds of dollars on multiple palettes- especially if I’ve never even swatched the colors before. If I had unlimited funds, maybe I’d do it. Maybe. But here’s a list of the top palettes on my wishlist currently!

1. Lorac Pro Palette 2


With 8 matte shades (including a plum and a navy) and 8 shimmery shades, this palette looks great for doing everyday eyes. While I could probably go with just the first three matte colors on days I need a very neutral look, having the ability to go with some fun colors or add some shimmer to dress it up excites me. Part of why I also want this palette? It comes with a small-size eye primer that I’d love to try (currently I use drugstore stuff!).

2. Urban Decay Naked2


This palette has a lot of neutrals, mostly in shimmery shades. UD is well known for being shimmery. My sister gave me such a funny look when I said I wanted a shimmery palette. I love smoky eyes and believe this palette would give me beautiful options for a neutral smoky eye- plus verve looks like a great color to apply to my lower waterline.

3. Cargo Land Down Under


This is a relatively new palette, I believe, but it’s so beautiful with it’s aussie inspired shades- the denim, manly, and bondi shades especially excite me as I think they’d have a great juxtaposition with my hair.

4. Lorac Riesling Romance


Note: I couldn’t find a picture I could post from a retailer website, so this one is from vampyvarnish. I think it’s pretty obvious by this point that I love shimmery neutrals, especially when pink or purplish. This palette is going on sale at ULTA for $15 in a couple weeks, and I WILL be getting my hand on it.

5. Too Faced Peanut Buttery and Jelly


Another one with bold purples. In fact, “Jelly” is probably the boldest orchid colors I have ever seen in an eyeshadow, ever. It reminds me oddly of the some of the dye I mix with my conditioner, you know, to keep the color relatively vibrant.

6. Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment


This is probably one of the most “fun” palettes I’ve ever seen, which is why I want it. While it’s definitely not a palette I would use every day (or really even every week), and some of the colors might wash me out (I’m looking specifically at Thrash, that neon-yellow color), having brights for costumes and play would be so fun– and the prospect of using them for not-just-eyes intrigues me… Purple brows would look very fun with my hair!

Of course there are TONS more I want- almost every palette I look at, I see myself using “for something.” I naturally gravitate towards neutrals, especially plum neutrals, but I’d like to have a palette that has other options as well- and yes, Lorac and UD are probably my two biggest palette envy brands!


2 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Wishlist // March 17, 2016

    • reynedrop says:

      Honestly, almost every single palette I see, I want! I may have purchased a bunch of cheap hot pots today just to play with to help with my extreme color envy.


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