My Face // Firsts with Liquid Eyeliner??

So, it’s St. Patrick’s day and I was very excited to maybe do something fun with my eyes. I don’t really wear a lot of green. I like some muted pale greens, especially those that are more cool toned than warm (overly yellow greens look awful on my cool complexion), but I have TWO green pieces of clothing and found myself wishing I could do a green eye.

Well, all I have are plums and neutrals, so then I decided why not try out new eyeliner?

I grew up with those eyeliner pencils. I didn’t wear it often, but I love it. They seemed so forgiving. Just a subtle line up top would do it. The idea of liquid eyeliner intrigued me, but I never had a good experience. Even if I wasn’t going to try cat eyes (which, I think I tried ONCE in my life), I’d have uneven lines that cracked eventually. I HATED using liquids.

Honestly, I still do. I stick with my “gel pencils,” the ones that come in my Julep box, actually, because I know those work for what I like.

Today, though, after probably 7 years of swearing it off, I tried to use liquid eyeliner… and failed. Massively. Is it my technique, or the fact that I used $3 e.l.f. liner? Is it because I literally have to be 1″ away from the mirror to see what I’m doing? Probably all of the above. I washed it off probably 2-3 times before just calling the same line I do all the time “good enough.”

My before face:


My hair is “pulled back” by my glasses.

Andddd the finished product:

Yes, the lighting in the second picture is a little bit warmer- you can easily tell by my hair color. They’re both taken in natural light, but I have a small lamp on in my living room which may be giving it the warmth.

So, let’s talk product.

On my face today I used: CeraVe moisturizing cream (before pictures were taken; finger-applied), Smashbox PhotoFinish primer (I had a sample to try; finger-applied), the NYX color correct + conceal palette (brush-applied), Cargo JetLag concealer in 01 Fair (applied with brush but stippled), and Maybelline FitMe Dewy + Smooth in Ivory 115 (applied with complexion sponge).

On my eyes: ULTA eyelid primer (finger-applied), e.l.f. liquid eyeliner, Julep “Feels like Velvet” Duo in 5th&Broadway (brush-applied), and Covergirl Flamed Out mascara (a tube I’ve had for what feels like forever).

On my lips: ULTA lip primer and Julep Light on your Lips in “chit chat.” Which, btw, happens to be my favorite color.

Now, I must say this: because I did have to take off + reapply the eyeliner so often, almost everything else (including the concealer under my eyes) suffered quite a bit. You can’t even tell I had eyeshadow on 😛

The FitMe foundation appears a little more orange than usual, and it also feels  and looks less dewy. It’s honestly a bit disappointing! It also seemed not to blend as well as usual today.


2 thoughts on “My Face // Firsts with Liquid Eyeliner??

    • reynedrop says:

      Someday, I’ll learn how to use it. Maybe. But after trying and failing so many times, I’d rather just invest in a nice brush and work on my gel application!


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