SALES + Planned Hauls // Ulta 21 Days of Beauty

beauty steals

So, Ulta is having this “21 days of beauty” promotion that looks like it would be amazing… I already missed the Stila One Step Correct I’ve been eyeing- it wasn’t actually in the store when I went to get it- so I decided I really needed to plan these out.

I obviously get a little nervous about new products I can’t try, especially because I’m currently not working. There are a few items, however, that I REALLY want, and as  Ulta is also offering some fun “free gift with purchase” promos on top of their beauty steals, I’m definitely capitalizing on these.

Most days, I’m not getting anything. I’ve looked; I’ve debated; I’ve…decided. Mostly, I don’t need anything on sale or I just don’t want to use the sale item to learn (for instance, the Tarte Tarteist Clay Liner? $12, which is definitely a steal, but as I’ve never used that kind of liner- and I don’t even like traditional liquid- I probably should try a cheaper gel-like liner and master the technique first). But here’s what I’m planning!

March 24th: Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer Water, which will be on sale for $16 for the full 3.9 oz size. There’s also a gift promo: spend $35 on Smashbox and get a free “to-go” size kit, so I’m going to also pick up the Layer Lash Primer. I’ve never used a lash primer before, but I think this is the perf time to try it with the promotions going on.

March 25th: Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil, which is on sale for $12. There are SO many wonderful things people say about the brow products from this brand, and I don’t have ANY brow products at all. The Anastasia free gift is a mini kabuki brush + bag, but it hits at $40- I honestly wish I had waited on the contour kit! While the brush+bag is tempting, I don’t want to spend $28 more to get them.

March 29th: Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray Eyeshadow Primer, for $13. Okay, so, I picked up the Ulta brand eye primer, but I REALLY wanted to get this one… However, the price just didn’t work for me. But for $13, this is only $1 more than the Ulta one… yes, I’m doing it! The Benefit free gift hits at $45, and it’s an “exclusive makeup bag.” I’d need $32 more, meaning I could pick up more primers, but the max is two, and the bag itself isn’t very attractive to me. I have been wanting to try their Watt’s Up! highlighter, but at $30, this puts me $2 short of the total for a bonus gift- so I’m waiting on that one.

March 30th: SUPER EXCITED for this day! Lorac Riesling Romance Palette, on sale for $15. This looks like a very pink-heavy neutral palette- colors that I LOVE.  Plus, a free Mattifying Face Primer with any $25 Lorac purchase, meaning this is the perfect time to order their CC cream, also on sale for $15, that I’ve wanted to try. I also want the Lorac Pro Palette 2, but at over $40, I can add this to any order online to get free shipping + while I’m excited to TRY the mattifying face primer, I doubt I will need or even want two of them, so I’m waiting until that either goes on sale (unlikely) or a bonus points promo going on.

Now, Ulta also has some day-specific deals on their own products + some “Buy 2, Get 2 Free” deals going on. For those who like Ulta’s products, this is great- and I DO have a $5 off $10 for Ulta specific products.$3 lipsticks, $5 foundations, $3 lipglosses, $4 mascaras, $2 polish, $12 palettes, $3 eyeliner, etc. Honestly, I’m probably going to use my coupon on two body scrubs on the 19th- they will be $5 each. I’m HOPING the coupon works with the these beauty steals!  If not, I won’t bother with them.

ulta brand beuaty steals spring2016

Total I’m planning on spending: $90-$95. I want to be appalled, but I’m honestly not. I feel like for what I’m getting, it’s really fair.



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