Unboxing // Birchbox: March 2016

My very first Birchbox arrived recently! I’ve gotten the Birchbox Men’s subscription once before- it was a trial of their box that got me some “currency” for a mobile game I was into at the time, and I figured Rob (the boyfriend) could use some new products. For $10, I didn’t know really what to expect, and currently, I’m still not sure what to think. At first, I thought the box’s value was really being carried by the eye shadow sample; however, the calculated value of the other samples (using the price-to-product ratio as the “full size” product) showed me quickly that the other products are worth more than I originally would’ve guessed (or valued them at myself)


First Impressions: As I opened up the box it was mailed it, I found out that there was a pretty cute box they package their stuff into underneath the mail packaging. I may have scratched the aforementioned cute box trying to open the package. I don’t care much, though! I’ll probably put it use somehow.


What’s in the Box:

  • theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen. A tiny sample (about 1/4 of a tsp or 1.2 ml!!) of a well-known lip-and-cheek stain in a berry color. The color is quite pretty, and the stain sets quickly. It even lasted overnight. No discernible scent, but a funny consistency and inconsistent application. I’ve included a swatch on my wrist to show how it applies. The color

    Swatch of Stainiac.

    in the middle is the true-to-color to how it stains.
    Value: Calculated at $2.29 
  • Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm. Another teeny-tiny sample, but larger than the stain- 3ml (or just over half a tsp). It is quite thick and comes out of the tube in a cream color. Appears to be scent-free, and is “100% natural.” That being said- it’s just lanolin in a glorified tube. Value: Calculated at $3.30, but honestly a lot less for what it is.
  • Wilma Shumann Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads. Single-use sample, only one set of eye pads, but it makes sense for the type of product. Gelatin-like pads with a gelatin-like scent that you place

    Collagen eye pads, if you’ve never seen them.

    underneath your eyes for 20 minutes before tossing the product. Warning: they feel VERY cold, which may be part of how they combat puffiness! Value: Calculated at $3.60
  • Number 4 Limuere dhiver Fluoro5 Elixer (Restore & Repair Oil). Half-ounce container of hair oil that is essentially pure oil. A nice, feminine scent, but the product feels very greasy, and only a few drops goes a long way with this! Value: Calculated at $6.50!! 
  • Cargo Eye Shadow Duo in Sand & Ferry. These are two shadow colors featured in the Land Down Under palette by the company.  Sand is a light, shimmery, golden shade; Ferry is a nice dark brown matte. They work very nicely together! The shadow samples are 0.05oz (1.42 grams) each. In the palette, each

    Swatches of Ferry (matte shade on top) and Sand (shimmery shade on bottom) )

    eyeshadow is 0.85 grams, making the duo actually larger than the colors you’d get in the palette (although, note, this is 2 out of 12 shades). Cargo doesn’t usually sell duos, and it’s hard to calculate a value based on the palette (as the palette comes with a brush and eyeliner,  but their single shadows go for $16, so based on their singles… Value: Calculated $12.89

Total Box Value: Calculated at $28.58. Of course, this is based off of retail’s full-size prices- while I do think the box value for this is greater than the $10 you pay for the box, the lip stain and miracle balm really were not worth the calculated value, you can find cargo duos on ebay for ~$8-10, and I was able to find the full-size Number 4 hair oil for less than half the retail price on Amazon.

Will I purchase any of these products? I probably won’t purchase the stain, balm, or eye pads any time soon. While the balm was nice, for $10 I can get a 7oz tub of lanolin from Now Foods. The other two? Maybe! Cargo palettes are on my list of things to try / swatch in store. I will probably go through ULTA if I decide to get any of their products, though. As far as the hair oil, if I’m going to get the exact brand, I’ll get it through Amazon or somewhere I can get it for much cheaper. For $26 for a 2oz bottle, I can’t justify it for my budget.


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