Tool Envy // Color Switch!

Ah, the Color Switch by Vera Mona… A fancy tool… A black sponge?


This little tub doesn’t look like much. It probably doesn’t even feel like much. But alllllll the beauty bloggers rave about it (well, some of them anyway). This dry sponge apparently takes off any eyeshadow on a brush so you can use the brush for another pigment. You don’t need to try to find another brush. You don’t need to wash (+ dry) the current brush. Just a few swipes and you’re ready for the next color.

So why haven’t I bought it? It’s not at Ulta. I’m one of those strange people who hate ordering products online and waiting for them to come unless it’s something cheap that I can’t get in stores. “But, Lucy, you can’t get this in stores where you are…” Yes, but it’s not cheap. It’s not me saving money. I can’t justify spending $18 on something like this (that many youtubers have found cheaper dupes for).

Even though I will probably, at some point, either purchase a dupe or make one myself, I’ll always believe this product is a little better. Call it a brand name phenomenon if you will. I’ll always have the envy, even if I can’t justify the expense!


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