Reveals // Julep Maven: April 2016

The April box selection is open for Julep! While they started out almost entirely polish-based, they’ve slowly been adding some great skin care and cosmetics as well.

This month, they wanted to send me a green tea konjac sponge, a kaolin konjac sponge, and the “Love Your Bare Face” Cleansing Balm stick. Other curated boxes come with the


“Modern Maven” April Box: Cleansing balm and two konjac sponges (green tea + kaolin).

kaolin sponge, cleansing balm, and TWO polishes (a bright sheer polish and a white polish, to help you layer the bright color), except for the “It Girl” box which is exclusively polish (four colors) and some “nail tape,” which I will be the first to admit I have NO idea what it actually is.

I’m thankful that my box has no polish in it this month, but I’m also thankful that you can now edit your box and swap stuff out. I’ve been wanting to try out a konjac sponge for a while, and I LOVE my cleansing oil, so I’m excited to try the balm. I swapped out the kaolin sponge (kept the green tea- it’s supposedly for dry skin) and swapped in the “Rethink Your Shower” cleansing body oil. I have their Love Your Bare Face cleansing oil and love it, but I don’t want to use it on my body because I treat it like liquid gold, so I haven’t tried proper oil-cleaning on my body.

Julep also allows you to choose add-ons, but I opted out of them this month.


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