Unboxing // Ipsy: March 2016

A couple years ago, thanks to some up-selling from my older sister, I subscribed to Ipsy. I got my first bag and promptly cancelled. I think I had some skin masks and whatnot in the bag- stuff I wouldn’t use. As an unemployed college student, I couldn’t justify the $10 on products I wouldn’t use. I’m not sure what possessed me to try it again, but I did- and this is my first unboxing for this sub “box!”


What’s in the bag?

  • Organic Surge Comforting Hand & Nail Cream in Lavender Meadow. This sample is 25ml (1/3 of full-size). I will admit, I didn’t even open this. I cannot stand lavender-scented anything, and while I usually give products with this scent to my sister, she doesn’t have use for it. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. I’m thinking of just giving it away to somebody. Value: $2 
  • Be a Bombshell Baked Bronze in Heat Wave. This is a great shade, but I have serious problems applying it and getting any kind of pigment onto my brush. I’ve never actually used a baked product before, so that may be the issue. Full-size sample! Value: $16


    Color swatches!  Left to right: eye liner, lip gloss, bronzer, and eye shadow

  • Manna Kadar 3-in-1 Eye Shadow in Fantasy. This is definitely a cooler toned eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer to it, which is nice. It almost matches my skin tone, actually, which makes it good for shimmery neutral looks. I think this is a full-size sample (0.1 oz, which is typical for shadows), but the retail price looks crazy? Value: $19
  • Model Co Lip Lacquer in Socialite. This is an okay product. While I love lip colors, glosses tend to be too sticky for me, and this one was not an exception; it has the standard gloss consistency, but maybe a little easier to apply. The color is a pretty coral, but it honestly seemed a little too warm for my skin tone. Bonus: it smelled SO good, like candy! Deluxe sample-sized (half of full). Value: $12
  • Illamasqua Precision Ink Eye-Liner Liquide in Abyss. I have a dislike for liquid liners. I suck at applying them. I tried, and I can say this: it has great wearing power (it’s waterproof), it’s beautifully pigmented, and it doesn’t do that annoying flake thing that happens with the low-end liners I’ve used. Downside: it smells awful and plasticy and gross- but so do most liners. The box says 3ml, but on the website itself, the liners come in 1.8ml tubes, which is confusing to me. But based on it being “full sized…” Value: $28
  • And, of course, the bag! While I’m NOT a fan of the colors on this (coral is pretty, but with this intensity it makes me feel dizzy look at it), BUT I love the pattern. Have slight box envy of the people who got this bag in reversed color.

Total value: $77 (not counting the bag itself). For a $10 sub bag, this is fabulous! Even if most of the colors aren’t quite right for my skin tone, I know

Will I purchase any of these products? Well, with full-size products, I don’t feel the need to purchase them! Especially for their full retail price- they’re so expensive! But I am interested in trying more Be a Bombshell, Manna Kadar, and Model Co products now! And I’m excited to work on my liquid liner application.


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