Unboxing // Allure March 2016

After talking with some people who have this box, I was VERY excited for my first ever Allure box to get here. I spent all morning dealing with car repairs- a couple Saturdays ago, a girl rear-ended me at a stop light. Poor girl was just broken up with and wasn’t paying close enough attention to the congested traffic piled up. Either way, my car is now in the repair shop waiting on agents from her insurance to come estimate it, and in the mean time, I have my very first rental car. It’s some kind of Jeep, and I’m honestly afraid to drive it. So, imagine how excited I was to come home from the stressful morning of figuring out insurance, repairs, and rentals and find this box in the mail! I think it was also compounded by the new Coastal Scents hot pots that came and a new brush set as well- maybe I’ll talk about those later. Let’s talk box for now.

All the products as a spread! The light was pretty poor ):

First Impressions: The box itself looks a little lackluster- no cute bags like Ipsy, no fun designed like Birhbox, and no colorful filler like Julep. That said though, the insides are more important, and my first impression? Pure excitement. That’s when I realized: the box comes not just with a card, but with a full on “mini mag” detailing the products, how to use, where to buy, etc. This is incredibly helpful! It also states the box’s theme: “Talking Dirty.”

What is in the box:

  1. Macadamia Professionals Ulta Rich Moisture Cleansing Conditioner. This 2 fl oz conditioner is actually a 2-in-1, a conditioner for “no poo” washers. Now, I don’t “no poo” myself exactly, but I DO only wash my hair 1-2x a week to maintain my color, and before that, I would use a basic conditioner to cleanse in-between formal washes, so I’ve been considering a real cleansing conditioner to try out lately. While I’m very excited about this, the “mini mag” did mention that it’s very dense and those of us with fine hair should avoid. While my hair is thick in volume, each strand is usually fairly fine. I may find something else to do with this. Value:  $5.20 based on the largest size. 
  2. ACV by dp HUE. This is an apple cider vinegar hair rinse. It replaces shampoo. The key cleansing ingredient is, of course, the vinegar, which makes this rinse smell like diluted apple cider vinegar- a scent I personally quite like. While I’m a little hesitant to try because of my purple hair, the mini-mag reassures me that it is “totally safe for everyone, including the color-treated….” I may give it a go, even though I’m very defensive about my hair color. Value: $4.12
  3. Julep’s “It’s Fun to Exfoliate” Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Sponge. OH MY GOODNESS. I haven’t talked about Julep too much, as I haven’t received a box since starting this blog, oh, less than a week ago, but I am a long-time subscriber to Julep’s box, even though I admittedly skip the box quite often. Yesterday, they did a reveal, and I was SUPER excited about… the cleansing sponges! So imagine my surprise to see the product I wanted to try in my Allure box. I’m surprised that they say you can buy this product from QVC and not from Julep itself- perhaps they don’t want to point out a competitor box. I’m so excited about this! Value: $12
  4. Nunzio Savioano’s Anti-Frizz Sheets. These sheets are infused with coconut oil to reduce the frizziness “with just a few passes over your hair,” the mag states. They also contain castor oil. I can see this being a life-saver for people with coarse hair. Because I do wash my hair so infrequently, I’m hesitant to put more oils on the top of my hair, so I probably won’t keep these. Value: $3 for both sheets
  5. Cargo Blush/Bronzer Duo in Catalina and Medium. This is a 3.2 gram pressed powder sample duo. The medium-toned bronzer is a bit too dark for my skin to really work, but it’s a bit shimmery so with enough blending it might work. The blush is a nice color with just a bit a shimmer. It would work as a good blush on me, but the mini-mag suggests using it as a cheekbone highlighter on medium to dark skin tones. I’m starting to believe maybe Allure thinks I have some African heritage to me. I do not. The full-size blushes and bronzers come in .31 oz packages, about 3x the size of the sample, so it is a fairly small sample, but as blushes and bronzers tend to last a while, it still has a good amount of uses in it. I’m hoping that in the summer, the bronzer won’t look quite as dark on me- but if not, well, my sister tans! Value:  About $9.00
  6. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder. My excitement for this sample almost beats out my excitement for that cleansing sponge. It may be small- only 1 gram, which is about 1/4 of the “mini” size at Sephora, and  and about 12% of the large size- but it is a sample after all. It’s a nice, sheer finishing powder that I’ve heard oh-so-many good things about. A lot of powders dry my face up, so I’m excited to see how this one works. If this, too, dries my face- well, it’ll go to my sister, who has the opposite skin problems. Value:  $4.12 based on the large size.

Value overall: $37.44

For a $15 box, I expected maybe a little bit more in terms of value. I really won’t use most of the products, but some of those would work for my sister. I can see this being a great box if they had my profile right. Many people that I’ve seen also got a $9 lip color in their box, so while I love how this box is presented and I love the types and brands of products sampled, I’m a little disappointed. I’m hoping next box is better!!


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