Rants // My Hair Sucks.

My hair is a nightmare.

No, seriously.

As much as I’m in love with my hair color (my stylist did such a good job on it- especially considering the splotchy 7-process bleach job on the 7-time-box-died hair I did last October), there are some simple facts about my hair’s type that drive me insane- and of course, even some things that come with having such boldly dyed hair are more of a hassle than their worth.

Problem #1: I shed worse than my old pug. 

I’m not exaggerating on this. I was blessed (cursed?) with a full head of hair with many, many strands- and come this time of year when the weather changes, I quite literally lose my “winter coat.” Every time I run my fingers through my hair (which is quite often; it may be a nervous tic), I have at least a few strands that have fallen out. When I brush? Whatever I’m wearing will inevitably be covered- and don’t get me started on cleaning the drains after washing my hair.  It’s less noticeable going from summer to fall and from fall to winter, but Rob still claims he has to run Phil (our Roomba vacuum) every day and clean his brushes out because of my hair.

Problem #2: It takes me forever to dry it.

Okay, when I say this, I mean it. People I know talk about washing their hair before work- “It only takes 10 minutes to dry my hair, and my hair is SO thick!” I’ve gone an hour trying to blow dry my hair before, so I usually just forgo that step all together and let my hair air dry… but I don’t dare do it overnight if I have something important the next day, because my hair will still be wet.

Problem #3: It. Will. Not. Style. (At least not in any reasonable time frame)

This isn’t entirely accurate- but for years, I could NOT get my hair to hold a curl. It would fall flat after 15 minutes- maybe an hour if I was lucky and got to use my mom’s expensive iron. And if I used hairspray to help hold the curls? Oh it would weigh my hair down and get crunchy and gross. I found out that you can curl your hair using a straight iron, and my world changed- for the price of an hour or longer to curl. This goes back to my hair’s volume. SO MANY strands of hair that even sectioning it out takes forever. And another reason it takes so long, well…

Problem #4: It mats without me touching it.

I know this happens for curly haired people easily, but my hair is so straight that it surprises me just how easily it mats. I’ll be curling my hair, and somehow between prepping a section and actually curling it, the next section will be tangled up again. If I go anywhere or do anything with my hair down, it will take hours to brush out.

Problem #5: Maintaining the color takes careful planning and extra work.

This has little to do with my actual hair and more to do with my choices, but first: if I ever want to dye my natural color (eg, move the color up), I have to bleach. And not just once. No, my hair stubbornly took 7 different bleach processes, and it still was a bit yellow and even a tad orange in some places. It bleaches unevenly, it dyes unevenly, and in general, it’s a pain in the rear to get it to be this color. And color fade? My hair will NOT hold color. Once I dyed it a plum brown (which, actually, only put a nice magenta sheer to it), and the color was lost in… two washes? For permanent dye! Once I finally got it purple, the upkeep involves me washing my hair much less frequently, and the actual washing process involves more dye, meaning I have to plan any kind of vacations or outings around my washing day. Reminds me of the classic excuse: “I can’t; I’m washing my hair that night.”

Problem #6: Greasy roots and dry tips.

I know I’m not the only one with this problem, but it makes the whole “not washing your hair for a week” thing even worse. Yeah, I use dry shampoo (strategically), but my luscious (straight) locks still become a grease pit, especially at the crown.  To make matters worse, the oils hardly go down into the lengths of my hair

I don’t mean to be too negative on this blog, but I do want to list out the main problems I have so that I can try my best to find some solutions- there are few things I’m currently loving to help me tame my (amethyst) mane, but I’ll probably get into those later 🙂




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