Friday Favorites! // Curling Irons, Hair Oil, and Wide Tooth Combs??

On Wednesday, I wrote out a huge rant post about six of the most frustrating aspects of my hair. I didn’t want to leave with such a negative note on my hair though!! Truth is, some products+tools I’ve been using are making my hair care much, much better- so today I thought I’d share them with you!

So here are my Friday Favorites, hair care style.

  1. Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret. I cannot say exactly how much I love this. I mentioned before that my hair has trouble holding a curl, no matter what I do. It looks pretty; I won’t touch it; and then bam! flat. Or crunchy. Or, sometimes, both. And the only way I’ve been able to get curls that stay? A flat iron that takes me over an hour to use. Somebody recommended I get a Babybliss MiraCurl, and while that one does the option to change curling direction (which is truly a great feature), I not only couldn’t find it in stores at the time, but I ALSO couldn’t fathom spending so much money on a curling iron… the Conair one is $100 retail, but I managed to get it on sale for much less (unfortunately, I don’t remember the price). This thing has been a life saver for me- only 20-30 minutes as opposed to 1-1.5 hours. Plus the curls stay well, and when I brush them out, I just get nice, soft waves. It’s not perfect; I do need to be mindful of the amount of hair I put in and take good care that it’s well brushed out, or my hair can get trapped (it gets stuck wrapped around a portion of the barrel). I’ve always found it easy enough to un-trap my hair, though, and without any ‘horror story’ damage.
  2. Number 4 Restore and Repair Hair Oil. Yes, I’m talking about the half-ounce sample I received in my first Birchbox (unboxing and product info can be found here). In my rant post, I mention how my hair gets oily up top but is drier than the sahara on the tips- and because it’s color treated at the tips, my ends are a disaster. I’ve been using this hair oil since I got it, and even though I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to do it only after a wash, I use it on my tips every morning to help their shine. It even helps me blow-dry my hair faster (which is highly necessary). I might actually blow $26 on the full size!
  3. Dianne by Fromm Ionic Anti-Static Detangler Comb. Oh goodness this is my favorite cheap hair tool ever. Boar bristles may be great for moving oils down to the tips (oh, another thing to talk about! lol!), but you have to have your hair already detangled to properly use those. I have a Goody brand comb set, and while those work very well (especially in the shower to detangle with conditioner on!), I prefer this one while my hair is drying.
  4. Conair Fitted Hair Towel. I used to have two towels post-shower. One would be for my body; the second for my hair. But my towels are large and wrapping my hair in traditional towels actually pulled hard on my hair and caused damage- plus, I didn’t want to ruin my towels with any residual dye in the water logged into my hair. Oh, and they were heavy and bulky and irritating in general. Bath towels are meant to wrap over your body- not your hair. These microfiber wraps are super easy to use, much lighter, very gentle on my hair, and seem to suck MUCH more moisture out of my hair. I’ve noticed less breakage and a faster air-dry time since using them (bonus: I have a purple one, so I don’t worry about my color bleeding onto it!)
  5. French Braided Pigtails. So, this is more of a hairstyle than a product/tool, but it’s one I’ve grown to love- to go to bed in! I will be the first to admit that I didn’t learn how to french braid until I was 19- and then it took me until just a few months ago to actually be able to french braid my own hair (well, more than a small one to pull some hair out of my face). I move around in my sleep, and as a result, my hair knots like crazy overnight (just another reason I love my detangling comb). I also sleep in all sorts of positions AND I use a sleep mask and have special sleeping headphones, so buns, ponytails, and the like just irritate me when I’m trying to sleep. This is the perfect hairstyle to go to sleep

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