SftPF // Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish- Swatches and Review of Ivory #100

So, at my Walgreens, these bottles were 40% off, and they were on the top of my drugstore foundation list. Why? They’re already cheap to begin with (about $8/bottle- they were less than $5 on sale), they claim to be full coverage and last all day, and people with dry skin rave about them. I couldn’t find any real info about their finish, but with the reviews I figured they were a satin to dewy finish. Being fair skinned as I was, I picked up the three lightest colors: 91 Light Ivory, 100 Ivory, and 101 Classic Ivory.



Top is #91, then #100, then #101. Bottom are the lightest shades in Smashbox’s foundations that I swatched at Ulta.


Facial swatches. From left to right: #101 (closest to my mouth), #100, #91 (closest to my ear)

I like to use a foundation more than once before I decide if I like it, simply because things I do (like how I apply it, etc) can make a bit of a difference. For this foundation, I did two different days.

Day 1: Ivory #100


Application: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, Wet.

Shade and Tone: Despite being for the fair-skinned and neutral-toned, this one looked a bit too dark and honestly just… wrong on my skin. It’s hard to explain exactly. Maybe a bit too brown. It seems to really play up the pink in my neck and chest, making it look very wrong. It is passable in soft, warm light, but not in daylight or even indirect natural light (as in these pictures). I wouldn’t wear this out.

Coverage: On me, this looks more medium coverage. I know some people were able to get a full-coverage out of this, and maybe that has to do with application, but as you can see my rosy cheeks still peek out.

Finish: With so many people telling me it is a nice, luminous dewy… I am underwhelmed. I’d describe it more as velvety. It definitely didn’t look dewy or luminous on my skin.

How it feels on my skin: I put this on at about 2PM during the day- I had other things I was doing that I needed a bare face for during the day. It felt incredibly heavy and tight on my skin the moment I put it on. It stayed tacky for a couple hours, but no transfer.

How long does it last: I applied this without any primer. Five and a half hours post-wear, it seems to be holding up just fine. Low-transfer. I swatched my wrist around 9AM, and 10 hours later it still looks almost exactly the same. Overnight, the swatches lost some vibrancy- they don’t seem to last or transfer any less than the Smashbox swatches.



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