Review // Bite Beauty Agave Lip Masks

When I purchased my UD Vice4 Palette (should I do a swatch review?), I got to choose 5 different samples, and I added Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask. The samples came in “foil packets,” which were actually very cute!

Super cute packaging for a sample!

What it is: This product is a lip mask- kind of like a lip balm, but extra-hydrating and with some different ingredients to help moisturize. They call it “a soothing, leave-on lip mask that replenishes moisture in lips.” It kind of looks like a gloss, but it comes in a tube.

What’s in it: Per the sephora website, the ingredients are: lanolin, castor seed oil, blue agave nectar, olive oil, beeswax, flavoring, vanilla, monk fruit, vanilla fruit extract, carnauba wax, trans-resveratrol, grapeseed oil, tocopherol acetate, honeysuckle extracts (from two different plants) and jojoba oil.

Essentially, we’re looking at lanolin, which is the name given to the oils that wooly animals make to coat their wool, various other moisturzing oils (castor, olive, grape, jojoba), waxes (beeswax, carnauba), antioxidants (trans-resveratrol and to a degree, the tocopherol acetate/vitamin e), and then things to make it smell and taste good. In Smashed and Champagne, there are also pigments.

Jojoba is typically used for dry hair and skin, so it would work well here, but it is the last ingredient in the list, so most of the healing power of this mask comes from: lanolin! My guess is the agave is used as a humectant- this is what helps it feel “sticky,” kind of like glycerin.

My impressions: My first thought was, “wow, that champagne color is very orange! This will look terrible on me!” Turns out, Champagne nearly disappeared on my lips, leaving only some shimmer and maybe a slightly darker look. Smashed lightly tinted them. The sample packaging is very hard to use- I tried using a brush first, but afterward my lip brush had troubles getting clean, so after that I just stuck to scooping some out with my finger. The actual product, however, comes in a tube that would make application easy. At first, the mask feels sticky like your typical gloss, but the tackiness disappears after a few minutes leaving you with a slightly greasy, thick feel. The taste and smell is essentially vanilla-esque (although you can small and taste the agave- it’s hard to describe that taste). While I like it, it gets a little overwhelming and aggravates my pretty sensitive tummy. The product seems to last much longer than my typical balm, and it even lasts well when eating and drinking. As far as hydration, I noticed a drastic change in my lip’s perpetual dryness within just a couple hours. I was able to get ~3 uses from each 0.16g sample- a little really works wonders.

Price: $26 at Sephora for 0.52oz (14.7 gram) tube. Using the sample as a judge, this product could last over 250 uses (~$0.10/use)- but chances are you will use more of it when it comes in a tube vs when it comes in a sample foil, and you’ll definitely be using this multiple times a day.

Overview: 7/10. This product really does hydrate your lips with only a little bit of product, but I’m not too fond of the price tag. If your lips are incredibly chapped and you need something to hydrate them quickly, look at getting a small tub or even smaller tube of plain lanolin at any drugstore or even on Amazon for much cheaper. If money is no issue and you want something that will give your lips a slight tint or shimmer, smell and taste great, and also deeply moisturize, then this product would work well for you.


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