SftPF // Koh Gen Do Moisture and Aqua Foundations – Swatches

Koh Gen Do, originating from Japan, tends to have lighter shades than most drugstore companies, which is really nice for anybody pale. While Sephora does carry their products, they also have a website which you can order sample sets of their foundations to help you color match. I ordered sample sets from both their Maifanshi Moisture Foundation and their Aqua Foundation as opposed to ordering $62 bottles. Each sample set is $3.75 or $4 (with free shipping), and you get to pick between light, medium, or dark shades- definitely a better way to shade match.
Maifanshi Moisture:

From top to bottom of the arm swatch, indication dots on the right, we have

  • #001. From Sephora: “very light ivory / for pink undertones.” From Temptalia: “Fairest, fair with pink undertones.”
  • #002. From Sephora: “natural light beige / for pink undertones.” From Temptalia:

    Without flash, but in indirect natural light (tried to put dots near the colors- the top one is hard to see and you might miss it!

    “Fair to light with with pink undertones.”

  • #112. From Sephora: “natural light ochre / for yellow undertones.” From Temptalia: “Light-medium with yellow undertones”
  • #012. From Sephora: “natural light ivory / for pink undertones.” From Temptalia: “Light to light-medium with pink undertones.” It’s definitely not fairest (as #001 is), but to me, this looks lighter than #002, and I think Temptalia is off on this one.

Maifanshi Aqua SPF 15:

On the arm swatch, these start right below the Moisture foundation. Their indication dots on on the right. From top to bottom:


With flash, and IMO more true to what I actually see.

  • #002. From Temptalia: “Fairest, fair with pink undertones,” however they have no votes.
  • #012. This one is also for fairest, fair with pink undertones per Temptalia (and also has no votes). Should be noted that on the Koh Gen Do website, #012 comes before #002, and in the container it looks a little bit lighter.
  • #013. Again, no votes, but per Temptalia, “fair, light with pink undertones.”
  • #113. (I don’t think anybody’s voted for this foundation formula) Per Temptalia: “Fair, light with yellow undertones”
  • #213. Still no votes. Temptalia: “Light, light-medium with yellow undertones.” Looks a little bit more olive-toned than any others, definitely very warm.

When looking with my eyes in indirect, natural daylight, pink and yellow undertones are MUCH easier to see than in the no-flash photo. The flash photo looks more true-to-life, just fyi.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a full swatch (for me) without facial + collar bone swatches!

First we have the Moisture formula (no flash vs. flash- yes it’s hard to see the no-flash!). These are in the same order as above, starting from closest to my ear and shoulder, #001, #002, #112, and #012.

And now the Aqua foundation- same as before, it’s harder to see without flash on, and starting from closest to my ear/shoulder, we have #002, #012, #013, #113, and #213.

Based on these swatches, I will probably try #012 in both types first- they look to be very similar colors, actually, and I’m very glad that there seems to be some sort of an agreement there.



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