Swatches! // Rimmel London 010 and Revlon 110 and 150 Foundations

So, as I previously mentioned I returned my Rimmel London Lasting Finish foundation in #100 and #101, and when I returned them, I looked for a product in their shade #010 or light porcelain. I was only able to find this color in their Stay Matte cream foundation, so I picked that one up.

On the same errand trip, I returned an Ulta concealer that was too dark for me, and I picked up two Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundations, in #110 Ivory and #150 buff.

Naturally, I swatched! I only did wrist/arm swatches, though, as I’ve been pretty busy 🙂

I have them labeled on my arms, but it’s a little difficult to see: top is #91 from Rimmel London, then #10 from Rimmel, then #110 from Revlon and #150 from Revlon. First picture is indirect natural light (open window) and second is with flash.


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