SftPF // Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in 10 Porcelain Ivory

I went a little overboard with purchasing products and asking for samples, and I feel a little… not overwhelmed exactly, but bunt out. Burnt out on doing so much foundation. Its hard when your mission is to find something that you looooove and you keep trying things and nothing quite hits the spot. It’s also hard when you know your skin is screaming “STOP PUTTING ALL THIS GOOP ON ME.”  Or maybe I’m just getting tired of doing a full-face every day.

Which is why when I tried out Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (the shade 10 Porcelain Ivory), I put on a moisturizing lip color and that’s it for any additional product. I just did not want to do anything more. It’s not that the foundations I’m trying out are particularly heavy; I’m just burnt out on them and thus have to save up my energy (which is why lately, I’ve been doing more reviews)

So, let’s get into this review, okay?

I did my makeup at about 11 in the morning, before the boyfriend and I went on a tea-and-ice cream date. This is a picture of me as soon as we were driving to the tea shop.

Product: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in 10 Porcelain Ivory

Application: Damp RT complexion sponge (probably the only way I know how to do foundation without “microexfoliating” my dry skin and looking awful)

Shade + tone: This is supposedly Maybelline’s lightest shade in their Dream Liquid Mousse line. I’m unsure how this compares to other “lightest shades,” as the other Maybelline products I have are a little bit different in undertones. To me, this looks lighter than Fit Me Dewy + Smooth in 115, but it also looks more yellow.I think my hair in my picture kind of masks my chest color, so it’s hard to tell that yes, my chest is really quite pink. On previous swatches, the color looks a little bit more peachy-pink, but on me, I see some kind of strange grey casts around my mouth and something looks a bit off with it.

Coverage: You can clearly see some of my cheek and nose redness poking through, and it doesn’t cover up my natural tone entirely as evidenced by the bit of grey-green around my mouth.With my application method, this looks more light to medium in coverage.

Finish: To me, this looks velvety. Not dewy. It is an oil free foundation.

How it looks and feels on my skin: This feels nice and lightweight. It didn’t get tacky, it didn’t get cakey, but it also wasn’t that great of coverage on me.

How long it wears: By the time I got home from our daytime date, it had only been about 2 hours, and I noticed the foundation wearing off- but then again, I touch my face a lot. I would say this transfers off of my face easily but doesn’t appear to “melt off.”

Would I wear this again: Probably, yes. The color looks okay on me, and coverage is good for days I have nice skin anyway 😛



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