Review // Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Sheet Mask

Apparently, my older sister (the one who may or may not be partially responsible for hooking me on some of these “beauty” things) has gotten into sheet masks lately. And by lately, I mean at least the past 6 months. So much so that one of my Christmas presents from her and out little sister was a “spa day” bag with… a sheet mask! Yep- as the title suggests, the Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment mask.

My experience with masks is minimal. I’d do fun peel-off masks with little benefit when I was young, and once my little sister and I did oatmeal masks that came in a “home spa” book she got for her birthday. That’s about it. This has stayed in my bathroom for over 3 months as I didn’t really know what to do with it. It seemed straight forward, but with my sensitive skin, I was weary, especially when I saw it advertise “vitamin c.” Plus, it’s not like my skin is super deeply pigmented, anyway.


But while the boyfriend was “man caving,” I got bored and decided to try it out.

Taking it out of the package: A very strong scent, almost floral. Probably usual for a sheet mask but liquid EVERYWHERE. It got on my hands, my arms, my neck… gross.

Me, with the mask on my face

Applying it: “Stretch to fit” is funny because it was so big I didn’t need to stretch it at all. Liquid once again got everywhere. Holes weren’t cut out to suit my features, so I did try to stretch the thing around them and it worked okay. However having a small head meant that when I stretched certain section, some of the mask ended up on my neck or in my hair.


On my face: I noticed some tingling, but it was mostly a cool, wet feel than anything else.


Taking it off: After the ten minutes, I removed the sheet mask (getting more of the liquid all over myself). I didn’t actually notice any real “results” so to speak, by my face felt incredibly sticky. The instructions say to rub in any remaining treatment liquid on your face, so I did that, and I assumed that washing after was a bad idea, so I just went with the stickiness. After about another 15 minutes, I applied my face cream.

The morning after- I apologize if I look kinda dead, I had a rough night.

The next morning: The stickiness went away overnight, thankfully, and my skin felt more hydrated but also a little bit oily? Oily skin isn’t really common for me. My skin still looked pretty red, and I can’t really say I noticed any big changes in any spots on my face. The annoying “small white bumps” on my chin/below my lower lip didn’t go away and weren’t reduced at all (I had some hopes that there might be some slight chemical exfoliation effect, but this wasn’t listed on the package). It was a fun experience, and I’d probably do another sheet mask, but I might look for one with a different target treatment as this one wasn’t really suited for my needs.


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