SftPF // Maybelline Swatches (Three Shades, Different Formulations)

(The WordPress App is being especially finicky and decided to post this before it was done… I’m sorry!)

The first foundation I actually purchased myself was the Maybelline Fit Me foundations. I went in to Ulta wanting to get Dewy + Smooth (thanks to my dry skin), but found that there was a shade only available in Matte + Poreless (Shade #112, Natural Ivory). I honestly thought shade #112 would work better for me, so I purchased it anyway, despite knowing my skin would probably hate the foundation, and I picked up #115 in Dewy + Smooth, as #110 looked more yellow.

I haven’t been using these foundations as much, so it’s taken a while to get swatches up as I’ve been working more with my foundation samples and new purchases, but I can’t ignore these! And when I purchased the Dream Liquid Mousse in another color, I figured I could swatch all 3.


Here, was have Dewy + Smooth in #115 Ivory; Matte + Poreless in #112 Natural Ivory, and Dream Liquid Mousse in #10 Porcelain Ivory.  Swatches will be done in this order, with #115 up top or left most, then #112, and then #10.

Forearm swatch- with flash on. With flash #115 looks incredibly orange, #112 looks more neutral, and #10 looks slightly pinky peach.

Swatching foundations on my face + collar bone has been more difficult- the first two swatches up on my chin are actually BOTH Dewy + Smooth #115.   There then looks like a blank space, but it’s actually #112 in Matte + Poreless. The foundation blended super easily as I didn’t have a lot on my finger.

In this one, you can see #112 a little bit better on my cheek. It hardly goes down to my neck and I accidentally started blending it into #10 on the neck. Whoops.

And this is in some natural light. You can see #112 a bit better here.

I really do think #112 is the best color match for me, but it doesn’t come in Dewy + Smooth. I might pick up #110 and see how that looks- Dewy + Smooth had a tendency to run dark and slightly more orange than Matte + Poreless, so we’ll see.

I also like so far how #10 Porcelain Ivory looks on me. This is a new foundation, so we will see if I like it later!


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