First Impressions // Dermalogica Gentle Efoliation Cream

My skin is annoying.

I consider it dry, because the dry patches are pretty bad, but I also have some weird pore issues because of my hairiness. Acne is rare, but redness and other discolorations are common. It’s also pretty sensitive, and to top it all off? These.  

The boyfriend says they look like dead skin cells. Maybe they are. However, I can see where I have dryness and dead skin and they do look different. They stick out of my small pores (as if they were hair), and they won’t come off without some serious exfoliation- exfoliation that irritates the skin underneath. I can scratch them off myself, kind of… They are so irritating and make every single foundation I own look gross.

With my history of KP, or Keratosis Pilaris, my first thought is that keratin is being overproduced. Maybe it’s just hardened sebum without any dirt or grime. Or maybe it is dead skin. But either way, a lactic acid peel and mask was recommended to me, so I actually went out and bought the only lactic acid mask product available in my area.

Before pictures





After pictures:



And finally, the morning after:

Now, exfoliating once really isn’t enough to get a good idea of a product, so I can’t do a full review… hence, “first impressions” in the title….

The mask itself was, in fact, very creamy which I was not really expecting despite it being in the name. The directions weren’t exactly clear- the cream itself felt gritty (like a microdermabrasian cream), but they just said “apply,” so I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to apply. So, I just used my fingers to smooth it all over my face (not rubbing, just like how you might apply foundation with your fingers), and what I noticed: it dried out really fast. Really, really fast. I also didn’t know how much to use. I ended up using ~2g, but I don’t know if I should have used a lot more than that or not.

The appearance and scent of the cream are… interesting? There’s a slight sulfury smell to the cream, but it’s very light and covered by a floral, nice scent, so it’s confusing. The cream itself looked peachy pink to me, which actually made it seem more luxe to me for no real reason.

I’m not instantly amazed by the results, but my face does feel smoother. The weird white filaments in my pores are still there, but they seem slightly reduced (especially overnight) and less obvious, maybe. I’ll read up on some tips to improve the exfoliant and try the mask again, and I’ll check in after 4 weeks 🙂


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