SftPF // Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation in #012

If you remember, when I did the swatches of the Koh Gen Do foundation samples (which you can order online- each sample set is $4 and that’s really a great price to try them out), I said I would try their shade #012 first. It also helped that shade #012 in the Moisture (a cream-based foundation) was in a foil packet, so I kind of had to use that first.

Let me just say before I start: I’m almost tempted to call off the search and say “I’VE FOUND IT! MY HOLY GRAIL!”

So, let’s get to this!


Foundation: Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation in shade #012

Application type: Damp Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion sponge.

Type/Form/Medium: A thick liquid/cream. I’ve had foundation creams thinner and thicker than this.

Shade + tone: Temptalia does not describe the foundation perfectly, IMO- it is not a light, light-medium shade. Oh no. It’s only slightly darker than their #001, which I’ve heard is comparable to a NW10 shade, and it’s lighter than shade #001, which I’ve heard is used on NW15-20. As I have no actual mac foundation, I can’t really compare it, but if I had to guess, I’d guess this foundation is close to NW13. Essentially, this color is a nice, fair-but-not-ghostly color that has slight pink undertones. Sephora describes it as “natural light ivory/ for pink undertones.” That said, they list this under ColorIQ 1Y04, or slightly yellow and 4 shades dark. It should be noted that #012 in the Aqua foundation was matched to 2Y03 (slightly more yellow and slightly lighter) and #001 in Moisture matched to 2Y01 (slight more yellow and quite a bit lighter). #002, which looks so much darker and is listed AFTER #012 on the official website, matches to 2R03 (more pink, and slightly lighter). Hmmm. Okay, after that long discussion… Maybe this is more because the coverage is so light, but I honestly believe this matched me incredibly well.

I should also note here that there IS some flashback with this.

Coverage: Light, but can be built up with a different application technique to a medium coverage

Finish: Natural, slightly luminous- not matte or velvety, but not dewy.

How this feels on my skin: Like I’m not wearing anything. No joke here. It feels so natural on my skin, not heavy, not tight, just natural.

How this wears on my skin: It clung to some of my small white bumps and my hairs at first, but after it set, there’s no caking, no clinging… just… beautiful.

How long this lasts: It’s a decently lasting foundation. I have the tendency to touch/scratch/rub my face all the time, and I think that decreased wear time (as it usually does), but I maintained decent coverage for 6 hours post-wear.


Will I wear this again? If I ever have the option without killing my wallet… yes!! I loved how this foundation wore. That said, the price tag is pretty hefty- $62 for 0.71 fl oz- and for the coverage level, I just can’t justify it Maybe if this ever goes on sale, I’ll pick it up… but, I’m excited to wear the next few colors just for how it wears.


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