Unboxing (Haul?) // Julep Secret Store April 2016

I’m not sure if I should consider this an unboxing (because the store is only open for a small amount of time, and requires an active subscription) or haul (because each item has its own price, like normal shopping), but my secret store purchase arrived today!

 Can you guess what product of theirs I love??

Yep, my secret store purchased is 3 of their cleansing oils + a nail polish in the color “Ali.” All of this for $33 (shipped!). It took about a week to get to me with their free shipping.

Now, purchased the Bare Face 2-pack, which I believe in the store was $28. But I had a coupon code for a free cleansing oil with any $30 purchase, so naturally I added a $5 polish to get the free cleansing oil.

I should note that the free oil is “love your bare face” and the two I purchased on the store are just “bare face.” The boxes have different UPC codes attached to them, but the ingredient list is the same, the size is the same, the smell the same… I can’t figure out the difference, and I may email their customer service to figure out what happened.


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