Review // Deck out Women Crystal Eyelid Patch

Eyelid patches are not on my long list of products I think I need to try, but when I visited my parents for Easter, my mom had several and included a pack in my basket from the bunny (who, by the way, my dad has decided is male).

I had a pretty rough night one night and ended up with maybe 6 hours of sleep, mostly broken, and my eyes actually did get slightly puffy from crying, but I had to go out in public, so I figured now would be as good a time as any to try them out.

Product and price: Deck out Women Crystal Eyelid Patches, $14.49 for 20pc at Amazon (unsure if 20pc means 20 individual eyelid patches for 10 applications or 20 individual packets for 20 applications).

Opening the packet: These proved way more difficult to open than I imagined- the plastic tray that the patches come on interfere with tearing it off. You also have to be careful to open it with the right side up. Fluid leaks most places.

Application: Easy to apply, but the packaging doesn’t really give a good diagram of how they position, so without any prior knowledge of eyelid patches application could be confused. Also, the product’s gel feels thinner than some of the other eye patches I’ve used, and they didn’t seem to stick to my lower lid as easily.

Wear: The instructions say to wear at least 30 minutes, but can be worn overnight (up to 12 hours of wear, but no more). I had mine on for a little over an hour. They slid down my lids more often than other patches I’ve used (such as the Wilma Schumann patches I got in my March Birchbox) and I had to readjust about 5 times. They seemed to start drying out (product shrinking, actually) and some areas became a bit warmer (lost the chilly feeling) over time and a burning sensation actually started up, even though the pads were cool to the touch with my fingers… which is why I took them off when I did.

Result: My eyes are never super puffy, but I did find that this took down the small puff I had.  

 Overview: 6.5/10. While this does give some benefit (reducing puffiness), the pads are thin and difficult to keep on the face. The patches also come without great instructions, and they suggest leaving them on overnight, but my skin began to get irritated after just over an hour of wear. While pretty cheap, and probably fine for people without sensitive skin, I can’t rave about them personally.


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