Swatches // Urban Decay Vice 4

Remember how I said I was getting pretty burnt out on foundation? I am. I’ve realized I’ve let my only high-end palette fall to the wayside. Have I even mentioned that I have it?

Not too long ago, I bought it online from Sephora. It was $39 for the palette, and the colors looked sooooo pretty that I felt like this would be a good “first real palette.” Have I mentioned how much I love purples? And glitter? No? Well, I do.

It was also a special edition palette, and of course, me being me, I hear, “You don’t know when you’ll need me, Lucy.” Speaking of, it’s no longer available at Sephora, but it is available on UD’s website for the same $39 sale price, probably to clear out stock.

So let’s get into these swatches! To swatch, I used the short shading brush from Jessup, a Hong Kong based brush company. I find I like these better than any other “not wickedly expensive” brush set- this is the brush set I have (from them). In fact, while the palette does contain it’s own dual-ended brush, I find that the short shader does a better job at packing in color than the shading end of the UD’s brush. I found that the shadows really weren’t all that pigmented on their own, so I did wet the brush before use (handy, because I didn’t have to wait for it to dry after rinsing/cleaning to move onto the next color).

So here was have the swatches in a low level of warm (yellow-leaning) artificial light.

And now we have them with flash.

For these swatches, I went top to bottom and left to right on the palette, with one exception on the right arm. On the left arm, from top to bottom, we have:

  • Bones: greyish flesh tone, shimmery
  • Framed: peachy flesh tone, satiny
  • Discreet: light greyish-pink neutral, satiny
  • Bitter: Burnt orange, about as matte as you can expect from an UD palette
  • Grip: medium grey, shimmery
  • Fast-Ball: bright pink, shimmery
  • Grasshopper, deep green that’s a bit foresty, shimmery
  • Flame: orange with a hint of darkness/browness, glittery
  • Deadbeat: black, glittery
  • 1985: purple/orchid, shimmery

And onto the right arm- I had a problem where I skipped over Harlot. I use it frequently, so it just looked used to me… whoops.

  • C-Note: muddled dark green, glittery
  • Low: brown with some ashy tones, glittery
  • Beat Down: Indigo Violet, shimmery
  • Underhand: Mahogany (you’d expect to be more purple but it’s more red), shimmery
  • Arctic: Marine blue with a hint of green tones, shimmery-to-glittery
  • Crowbar: Muddled greenish gold that is much darker/almost black on, glittery
  • Pandemonium: dark purple, glittery
  • Robbery: Grey-gold, shimmery to glittery.
  • Delete: Dark brown some chocolatey notes,  shimmer
  • Harlot: Lighter cool purple, shimmery

There’s a total of 20 colors in this palette. I did my best to describe their color on me and their finish, although UD’s usually ride the line between shimmery and glittery.  Many of them look quite different on my skin than in the pan, and I definitely recommend that you use some kind of primer with these shades.


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