Unboxing // Julep Maven April 2016 (+ Add Ons!)

I don’t know why, but I always get extra excited about my Julep box. For a box that I can almost completely customize, you’d think it takes some of the fun out of the process. Maybe it does, but there’s something about getting products from Julep that still has the subscription-box feel to it.

This month, the box theme picked out for me seemed to be about facial care and their new “love your bare face” detoxifying balm style cleanser… Me, loving their cleansing oil, was excited to try out this new product… you know what, let’s just talk about my box.

So, what’s in my box this month? We’ll start with the products that came “in” the box

  • Rethink Your Shower Hydrating Body Cleansing Oil. I don’t think my love for their cleansing oil is a secret.  It’s my go-to oil and it’s really helped my dry skin… but then I realized, I’m still washing my body with normal soap or body wash, and my body-skin is super dry, too, so this has been in my line of site the past month. When I saw it was available for swap-in for this month’s box (especially considering it’s price!) I jumped at it instantly! 10 fl oz, $38 retail, $30.40 Maven.
  • Green Tea Konjac Sponge. Similar to the bamboo charcoal one I have, but with some green tea extract instead of bamboo charcoal- I’ve heard it’s good for dry skin and acne prone skin, so I’m curious how well it’ll work. This one will probably be my body/in-the-shower sponge! Strangely enough, this isn’t actually on the Julep site for purchase yet, but it is at QVC? I feel both special somehow for getting mine through Julep and very, very confused. $12 retail, $9.60 Maven.
  • Love Your Bare Face Detoxying Cleansing Balm Stick.This is the balm I was so curious to try! I’m also very, very scared… why? Oh, because I noticed it contained saponified oils- essentially, it’s a mix of oils plus sodium hydroxide, the ingredients for… soap? I’m going to try it and see, but it’s a venture away from my norm. It’s also at QVC but not on Julep’s own site at the moment.1.94 oz. $28 retail; $22.40 Maven.

And now onto my add-ons. I also got a “free gift” with purchase of 3 add-ons.

  • Gel Eye Glider SharpenerI’ve been meaning to pick this one up for a while, as the gel eye pencils from Julep are fabulous but also a huge pain to sharpen. Reviews are mixed, but I figure it’s about the same price as other sharpeners, so why not try? $10 retail; $8 Maven
  • When Pencil Met Gel in Silver Shimmer. Couldn’t pass up on the chance to add another of my favorite eyeliners- I’ve been wanting a color like this just to play with, as I think it might look great as a lower-lash liner. $16 retail, $12.80 Maven.
  • CTRL + Z Eye Makeup Eraser. Something I’ve been on the fence about, but as I venture into trying to do more than just simple lining, I figure this would be kind of nice to have. It also gets mixed reviews, but I honestly love products like that because I’m always wondering about them. $10 retail; $8 maven
  • BONUS GIFT: Nail Polish in “LuLu.” This one was the free gift for including 3+ add-ons. When I do get add-ons, I try to get 3 to get the free gift, and it’s always been a polish for me. LuLu is a soft lavender and looks so pretty and perfect for warmer weather- I’m excited actually to pair it with the purple polishes I got last month. $14 retail; $11.20 Maven

Overall, I paid about $37 for this box. I wish they gave you a good breakdown of prices on your order history so you can see the difference between price for your box and price for your add-ons; I say this because while they are charging $25/box now, I’m not sure if my price has been reflected- I’ve used Jules and gotten Add-Ons on the last couple boxes since switching to My Maven, so I can’t remember now. BUT: $37 for what retails for $128 ($105.20 for Mavens) is pretty darn good either way. Plus, I’ll get to make an assessment about the value of these products to me, which for the body cleansing oil especially, I’m expecting great things!



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