Unboxing // Beauty Box 5 April 2016

I was so excited to get this box. Shipment was so fast- and it came pretty early, before my Birchbox, and definitely before my Ipsy even shipped. I love when boxes come during typical “dead times.” This is my second box out of a three-box trial subscription.  My first arrived towards the middle of the month, but it’s nice to know approximately when other boxes will come.

So let’s get into the unboxing 🙂

  • Maskeraide “All Eyes On Me” Hydrating Eye Gels. Beauty boxes seem to really like eye gels lately. This one is from Canada. I haven’t opened them yet, but the sample is one set. Full-size is 4 sets, and they are $25 CAD, which right now translates to about $19.25 in USD. Value: $4.81
  • Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigments in “Cake Pop.” This is a cream-based pigment that is used for lips and cheek color/blush- they recommend doing your lips first, and then rubbing the bit left on your fingers into your cheek. This is a full-size product!  Value: $19.95
  • Global Beauty Care Green Tea Makeup Remover Wipes. This is another full-size product (I love that the box’s info card tells you with a cute heart)- pretty straight forward, makeup-removal wipes infused with green tea. They claim one value ($1.99), but the value is really not like the price from Amazon, which lists this as worth over 2x the amount (60 sheets for $10). It’s not on their shop yet, so I can’t tell, but I can’t imagine 30 makeup wipes really only being $2! Even at Target, their wipes are twice that price. Value: $1.99??
  • Chella “Passionate Pink/’ Moisturizing Lip Pencil. A pretty cute, full-size lip pencil. It’s a good color I think but more red than pink. Value: $18
  • Soapbox Sea Minerals Body Wash. A deluxe sample (2 fl oz) of a drug-store brand body wash. Nothing special about it, but it does include some shea butter, so I’ll probably give it away- I’m allergic to kiwi, and have a small allergy to latex, and apparently these allergies are linked. I’ve noticed slight contact irritation with shea, so I’m trying to minimize my exposure. Value: $0.60

Total retail value: $45.35. I’m honestly glad that there isn’t one item carrying the value of this box (last month, it was the pur-lisse serum that I sold for.. $6?), but the items I don’t really care for/need (the eye gels and body wash) aren’t really sell-able. BUT, the good news: this means there’s more value to me in this box! So far, while I’m not down-right thrilled with product selection/colors, I’m enjoying this subscription decently.


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