Review // Sephora’s Solid Brush Cleaner

I’m always looking for the best way to clean brushes. While I have some spray cleanser and, in most cases, plain ol’ gentle liquid soap works well, I’ve been curious about “solid” cleaners for some reason- perhaps because I’ve heard some good things about using them for sponges.

Naturally, when Sephora had a “free gift with $25 purchase” that I wanted (*cough* Josie Maran foundation), I added this to my bag.

Product: Sephora’s own branded Solid Brush Cleaner, which retails for $8 for the 0.6oz and $14 for 1 oz. Oddly enough, the small one (0.6oz) is more cost-effective.

The product is essentially a puck of soap put in a little jar. Inside, you also get a pink silicone scrubby thing, which fits well inside the the jar’s “cap,” which btw, is a simple screw-on.

Ingredients:Sodium palmate, sodium cocoate, aqua, glycerin, coconut acid, titanium dioxide, sodium citrate, argania spinosa kernel oil.

Essentially this is just bar soap. Sodium palmate and sodium cocoate are the derivatives of making soap with palm oil and coconut oil. Water and glycerin were added in the process of making the soap. Coconut acid may be a byproduct. Titanium dioxide was most likely used to whiten the soap. Sodium citrate is created when you add citric acid to the soap; citric acid neutralizes the lye (in this case, sodium hydroxide) and makes sodium citrate- so this is a good thing. Then you also have argan oil.

Using the product:

Here are three brushes + one sponge I tested this on: we have an eyeshading brush, the RT sponge (which I use a LOT), and two concealer sponges (one from Jessup; one from Ecotools).

To use the soap, you add some water to it (just a bit), and then swirl your dirty brush over it. When it’s picked up soap, you can rinse it off, or you can use the scrubby pad to get a deeper clean (NOT on sponges- only brushes). Rinse off; repeat if necessary. Leave the soap to dry before packaging it up.

Does it work?


Here’s the aftermath on the brushes. They’re still wet here. They’re quite a bit cleaner, although I think my shading brush is actually stained, so the bristles remained kind of dark. I did use the deep clean scrubby on all of them,  While it worked well, I did have to swirl the concealer brushes a few times and rinse quite a bit to get everything out. The brushes did not feel brittle or rough at all. I noticed absolutely no shedding from any of my brushes, and they aren’t top-quality.

And here’s the aftermath of a few cleanings of the sponge. I worked the sponge about 6-7 times total; it just kept getting stuff out. The first picture is after about 3 uses; the last is when I called it quits. It did get much cleaner, but it didn’t take everything out. I had to really work the cleanser into it. It DID work better on the pointed end of the sponge…


Not bad at all.

Overall review: 7/10. It worked really well, actually, and made my brushes feel like before, but it’s essentially glorified bar soap. My sponge was purposefully very dirty (hadn’t been cleaned in about a week), so I expected some struggle, and it performed about how I expected. The silicone scrubby pad was definitely a nice touch (especially if you don’t have anything like that). But, that all said, it’s essentially just bar soap with a touch argan oil. It seems very useful for travel, though!

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