SftPF // MORE Pale (and Light) Swatches

Did I mention I went foundation-crazy? Oh, I did. A Laura Geller and a Japonesque foundation was on sale for half off at Ulta a bit ago, so naturally, I ordered a color of both. My “end of bottle’ of Stila’s 10 Watts came in from a kind Redditor from the UK… I got a free deluxe sample of a Josie Maran foundation with a Sephora order. I also was able to find an Urban Decay in shade 0.5 (after getting a tester, having it all leak out, and using it quickly on my face just to see and thinking, “this one might work) for about half the cost of the usual.

So needless to say, I am overstocked with foundations, so let’s get swatches done so I can start reviewing. I DID include labels on the pictures, but I’ll talk a bit about them of course

Arm swatches!! 

Pale foundation 2 arm swatches

Top to bottom:

  1. Stila Illumination Liquid Foundation in 10 Watts. This was an “end of bottle” I got from the lovely lady in the UK. It was too light for her. She even included the concealer for me! To me
  2. Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation in Dynamic (RG5). This one was a deluxe sample (5ml) I got for free from Sephora.
  3. Laura Geller Baked Radiance Foundation with Color Correction Pigments in Porcelain. This one was on sale at Ulta for $18… This is their lightest shade… yep.
  4. Urban Decay Naked Skin in 0.5. This is one that I had come in a sample pack, but USPS wasn’t careful enough and broke the container it was in, spilling it everywhere in the bubble mailer. I use my fingers to scrape as much as I could and apply it to my face just to get some idea, and I thought it would work better than any other shade, so when I found a full bottle on eBay for $19 ($22 shipped) when it retails for $40, I definitely got excited.
  5. Japonesque Liquid Foundation in 03.  Oh. My. Gosh. I thought I had ordered shade 01. I meant to order 01. It was on sale for half off, which is why I bought it, and Ulta doesn’t do online exchanges (only returns) and no store, not mine or my parents’, has any color in stock to exchange it… ugh.

And now: facial swatches! Because I hate when people don’t do a facial swatch of foundation. My underarms are about the same color, but most people actually get sun. So anyway.

Pale foundation 2 face swatches

These are also labeled, but it’s hard to see. They go in the same order as above, except it’s going right to left (closest to my ear to my jaw line).

From these swatches, I’m excited to actually wear both the Urban Decay and the Josie Maran foundation. The Stila foundation looks a little dark in natural light, and maybe a speckle too warm, but I’m going to try it out, most definitely. And if all else fails: my warmer-toned sister might find use for it.

Unfortunately, I’m at a loss for the Laura Geller and the Japonesque. I really want to try shade 01 for Japonesque, but now that it’s not on sale and not in any nearby stores for me to process the exchange, I’m unsure how to do that. With the Laura Geller… this is their lightest shade. I could always just return it, but it’s so disappointing to me. Idk.

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