Unboxing // Birchbox April 2016

I apologize in advance for the horrible lighting in the pictures. It’s super cloudy today and my apartment doesn’t get much light as it is.

This month, I’ve had some problems with Birchbox’s tracking. On the website, it never said my item was shipped, despite getting the “Your Birchbox is on its way!” email. I couldn’t even track my box through the email. I had to go to a different website and copy and paste the tracking number, and even then it didn’t give me any updates once it had been sent to USPS.

But it got to me eventually, so I can’t complain, really.

I wasn’t thrilled when I saw the box choices, so I didn’t select any. When I looked at what was coming in my box, I also wasn’t thrilled. However, actually getting my box? Yeah, that thrilled me.


What’s in my box this month?

  • Acure Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub I’ve used Acure scrubs before (their brightening one!) and often find that their scrubs can be a bit too harsh of a manual exfoliation on my skin even though I really do like every other aspect. I have pretty darn dry, flaky skin on top of sensitive skin. That said, my nose does have some visible pores, and it’s less dry than the rest of my face, so I’m excited to try this one out. Also, opening the bottles reminds me of the shampoo I had as a kid. No joke. Takes me back. Retail value: $3.25
  • Sud Pacifique Vanille Coco Perfume I’ve been getting into perfumes lately, so unlike most people, I really appreciate perfumes in my boxes. That said, the standard “sample size” of abotu 1.2ml is really more like a foil packet sample. Also, this is an eu de toilette and not perfume- essentially it just isn’t as “strong.” It smells like Malibu coconut rum, but with less alcohol burn. I’ll actually really enjoy this one. Retail value: $1.44
  • Pop Beauty Matte Velvet Lipstix in Satin Rose This was the color I was hoping for!! The lipstick itself is full-size, but they sell a ‘trio’ on BB for 50% off retail value of the three colors individually. While it LOOKED like a true ballet-slipper color as described online, it’s definitely darker on me and looks more red and muddied. I’ve swatched it above the lipstick I got in my Target box this month, Covergirl Colorlicious in 335 Tantalize Titiller (Left side = low levels of natural light; right side is with flash) Retail value: $16. $8 if you base it on the trio. 
  • Supergoop! CC Cream in Fair/Light A lot of people are pretty upset about this ‘only” being 3 ml, but here’s what I’ve found: a “standard” 30 ml base product can last 60+ days. When I apply my moisturizer, I use maybe 0.5-0.75ml of product. Yes, you need about 1.25ml for an application of sunscreen, so I don’t trust base products with SPF and always use another sunscreen, but my point is this: I can still get at least 3 uses out of this, even with product loss in the bottle, which is 3x more than a foil packet. I’m not angry about the size.Retail value: $2.04
  • Davines OI All-in-One Milk When I saw I was getting this + some other Davines, I thought it would be in a foil packet. NOPE! It’s a very generous 50ml spritz sample, which instantly made me a LOT happer- it’s over 1/3 the volume of full size! When I opened it up to smell it, over, it leaked everywhere and a fair bit of it was lost. It also has a smell I can’t quite discern, but it reminds me of roadtrips to Utah in the summers as a kid and swimming in the pool. I just can’t put my finger on any notes. Retail vale: $11.11
  • Davines OI Shampoo and Conditioner These are foil packets, so I’m grouping them together. For foil packets, they do seem fairly generous (12ml each; full size is 280 and 250ml respectively), and I can’t argue with gettingbonus items that I can review and get extra points for, yeah? Retail value: $2.83

Total box value: $36.67, plus $7 in Birchbox points (there’s 7 total samples in here)



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