Unboxing // Boxycharm April 2016

I’ve been MIA lately- long story short, I just celebrated my birthday a week early with my family and got to watch my little sister compete in a math competition (one that I did when I was her age).

While I haven’t been updating while at my parents’ house, back at my apartment, my parcel locker was overflowing with packages- some subscription boxes. One of them? Boxycharm! This is my second Boxycharm, and I was very excited for it after how much I loved my first box.

I apologize in advance for the poor image quality- I had to do this quickly as I literally just got back to my home.


Opening it up, I felt instantly excited by the basic black theme. I don’t know what it is, but it always feels so luxe to me. I love the black paper packaging, and I love the cute theme for this month- definitely plays up the “April Showers” idiom.

So, what’s all in the box? If you can’t tell from that image 🙂

  • Pur-lisse Daily Lip Nourisher with Mang0 & Shea Butter. Full-size (11 grams) as is typical in Boxycharm, this is like an ultra hydrating squeezy lip balm- but it’s main oil is actually castor. I’m unsure if I’ll sell this, as I have allergies to latex and kiwi and am starting to get slight contact dermatitis with shea as well, so I limit my exposure to only the lip products I’m already in love with… Retail value: $16n5gb13r
  • Anderson Lilly No5 Beach Butter Hand Cream Manhattan Beach. The card sys that this is ful-size, and apparently it is- but “full size” is only 2 oz. I haven’t opened it up as the second ingredient is… shea butter. Also, I don’t really need or use hand cream (I have plenty as is). It’s supposed to smell of bergamot, other citrus, white jasmine, Brazilian soft woods, heliotrope, and musk. Retail value: $24
  • Ofra Long-Lastging Liquid Lipstick in Honolulu. This is actually a really nice, dark color. It’s a purplish-reddish dark brown (idk, like a dark mahogany?)- the second line on the swatch pic. In the swatch, it seems to smudge, but I love how it looks and I’m excited to try this. Full-size again!! Retail value: $19.9043h2byp
  • Blinc Black Lash Primer. I’m really excited to get this!! I wanted the Benefit eyelash primer in my last Ipsy bag, which I didn’t get, so now I’m happy I didn’t get the eyelash primer then. I have a white eyelash primer, which I like alright, but I’m going to try this next. This is, unsurprisingly, full size! Retail value: $26.00
  • YourMinerals Eyeshadow in Brown Hypnotic. Oh my gosh this is a beautiful brown! Its dark, chocolatey, and shimmery… I honestly think it’s just gorgeous. It’s a loose powder, and I’m honestly a bit afraid of loose powder shadows, so I only did a very, very small swatch of this (no brushes nearby, took only a little bit on my finger- it’s the top swatch). Seems more pigmented than a lot of the eyeshadows I have, but I swatched it differently, too. Still, I’m VERY happy with this color, and I loooove getting full-size eye products. Retail value: $21

Total retail value: $106.90. Well, holy shit, right?? This is less than the RV of the last box ($153), but the last box was heavily caried by an anti-puff eye cream. This has products that all share retail value. For a $21 box, this is still over 5x the price, and even liking one product makes this worth while (as the others can easily be sold).

I’m most likely going to sell the lip nourisher and the beach butter hand cream. I’m unsure what I can get for them, but even if those had no value to me, the lipstick, lash primer, and eyeshadow are well worth the $21 for the box (although, I believe I pay $20/box with a 3-month sub).

If you’re interested in the box, you can check out the subscription here. So far, I’m LOVING this box!!


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