Unboxing // Ipsy April 2016

I mentioned I got a huge shipment of boxes, right?? Because I’ve been gone for days visiting my family? Well, let’s get into one of my more… disappointing.. boxes: Ipsy.

I was fairly prepared to be disappointed; I saw my sneak peek. I was so excited for the sheet masks and the Buxom lip products, so when I didn’t get those and instead got items I could never use, I was pretty disappointed. Add to that the fact that the one product I was actually looking forward was missing in my bag… and ugh.

So, what’s in the bag?


  • Probelle nail polish in In or Out. I don’t need any more purple polish, so I’m giving this one to somebody on Reddit (we’re swapping two item). It is full-size, though, which I guess is nice (deluxe sample of nail polish would be awful… especially for this kind of brand) Retail value: $6.
  • Tarte LipSurgence in Wonder. It’s cute, and I love Tarte, but there seems to be a color theme for all lip products the past two months so idk if I’ll even use this that much. Also, where I swatched it? On my arm? I got a huge pump similar to a pimple (but must’ve been more like a milium). Now I’m afraid to use it on my lips. Deluxe sample size, a bit over half of full-size. Retail vlaue: $12.80
  • Nth Degree Smoothing Moroccan Argan Oil & Keratin hair serum. Uhm. Not interested? I have a hair oil I LOVE already, plus one that my sister got me for my birthday, and this looks way more difficult to use (not a convenient opening) and just… no. I don’t want it. It’s a “deluxe sample” but only actually 1/10 the size of full-size. Retail value: $1.40
  • City Color Highlight Trio. It seems pretty light but honestly the lightest color looks more like pressed powder foundation with some shimmer to it- not really a highlighting thing. More like just some shimmer. I’m also giving this one to somebody because I do NOT need nor want it. Finding out if it’s FS or DS is difficult- it says on the package it is 3×2.35 grams (7.05g total), and on the City Color site, full-size is listed as 11.7 grams… so… deluxe sample? Idk. Retail value: $5.42

I was also supposed to get a brush, the Luxie Dreamcatcher Tapered Highlighter Brush 522, which I was excited about. I contacted CS, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what will happen. This one isn’t sold separately, but it comes in a set of 15 brushes for $150- 6 face brushes and 9 eye brushes. Other highlighter brushes (not dreamcatcher/vegan) go for $24-$30 individually, so even being conservative, I might say this brush can be worth about $15.

The bag itself this month is pretty cute, I guess, and may add value of $3? Idk.

With the brush I didn’t get and the bag, the retail value comes up to $43.62. Just what I got, and not including the bag, the value is $25.62… but my own personal value is actually right at $10. It’d go up to $15-20 if I ever get my darn brush.  Not a good month for Ipsy.

If you don’t have Ipsy but are thinking about subscribing, you can join here. I’m hoping next month is much, much better (PS- there’s been a sneak peek: Urban Decay!)


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