Unboxing // Lip Monthly April 2016

This is the first month I’ve had this subscription. While I don’t think this box/bag is “new,” it’s not the most popular. When it first came out, it had a reputation of being low quality and value, but I’ve heard it recently had a change in management and it’s starting to get better! With a half-off coupon code, I decided to try it.

First impressions: Like Ipsy, this was mailed to me in a shiny bubble wrap package- but this one was gold, not the hot pink from Ipsy (kind of nice to have that color difference!). Also like Ipsy, all the items come in a bag which is patterned with a label saying its from Lip Monthly. It looked pretty cute. When I opened up the bag, I was slightly disappointed because I was expecting five products, not just four, but I was very excited about all the products- especially because all are technically full-size!

So what’s in the bag?

  Note: I put the list in order, from top to bottom, of the swatches.

  • Hikari Lipstick in Peony. It’s pretty, but I have really bad lighting thanks to a rainy day and basement apartment, so I can’t tell what it really looks like. It seems pretty pinky and NOT coral, which is great. Retail value: $13.
  • Seraphine Botanicals Vegan Berry Lip Tint THIS IS POTENT. I tried to use just a tiny bit on my arm for a swatch and it was so thick it didn’t really work out… I dabbed it with my finger and with the tiny bit that got on there, I rubbed it on my hand. More lip tint, less cheek tint, IMO. It’s way too strong for cheeks. Retail value: $18img_1880
  • Starlooks Gloss in Guilty Pleasure This is more of a muted pink from what I can tell, but again, lighting. It’s really pretty and despite being tiny (“perfect size” according to Starlooks) and me not really liking gloss, I’ll probably use it- it’s not very sticky!!! Retail value: $9
  • Pencil Me In Eyeliner in Denim This is kinda cute? It’s cap has a sharpener in it, which I appreciate because then I always have a sharpener for it, but it didn’t go on very smooth. The color is fun, and I actually don’t have a color like it even though I have a TON of other colors (white, silver, teal, three purples of differing tones, black, taupe, olive, brown, black-brown… etc) Retail value: 6.99

Bonus: Here’s the Seraphine lip tint “dabeed out” on my hand


For people with darker complexions, this may work, but for me? Nope. Not a good cheek tint, but a wonderful lip color!

Full retail value: $46.99. For a $12.95 box which I got for about $7, this is actually pretty darn good. My own personal value for this, and I’m fairly cheap, is also comfortably above not just the price I paid but the typical price of a bag. I’m going to subscribe to a four-month subscription after this bag!


5 thoughts on “Unboxing // Lip Monthly April 2016

  1. Classycatsbox says:

    That Seraphine Lip tint has so much pigment!! I agree with you that it’s way to potent for cheeks, I tried it and ended up looking like a clown when I got it in my february bag haha It’s so hard to get off!


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