Unboxing // Julep Mystery Box April 2016

Ocassionally, Julep will post up a mystery box, priced at $25 (worth about $100 or so). I usually skip them- I can get what I want in their sub box- but it’s my birth month and I had a coupon for a free polish with a $25 purchase, so I wanted to get the April polish, and why not get a mystery gift??

Honestly, I am a bit underwhelmed with this box. I knew the two “confetti” polishes would be in the box, but the other products were a little lackluster.  In the box:

  1. Luxe Up Your Lips in Poppy. I probably won’t use this, actually, because it’s a color that’s a bit too warm for my skin tone and it contains shea (I only use shea when I really, really love a product). I have this in a darker red color, and I really like it- the color is super sheer and perfect for a lip treatment- but I don’t need this color. I might sell this. Value: $19.20
  2. Feels Like Velvet in Moonlight and Starlight. These are really pretty colors, but I have some similar shadow colors already… also might sell, but I’m not sure. Value: $16.
  3. Polish
    1. “Ali.” That’s that baby blue color! It’s super pretty, but I already have this color and don’t need a second bottle.. Do I sell it or give it away. Value: $11.20
    2. Randi.” That’s the bright pink above Ali. It looks like it’d be SO fun for summer! Value: $11.20
    3. “Annabelle.” Glittery purple (“confetti” color)- like huge chunks of glitter. Might be really fun as a second coat over top of another pretty normal color. Value: $11.20
    4. “Marley.” Glittery blue (another confetti color). Same thoughts as Annabelle! It’d be fun to do a “sister manicure” where I use Annabelle and my sis uses Marley… Hmmm… Value: $11.20

Now, there’s one polish there that I got for free using the code APRCOLOR: “Leona – Diamond for April.” It’s an iridescent shimmer that really does look like the shimmer of diamonds (but maybe a bit more pearly). It’s a great birthday gift to myself! This is also a $11.20 value, but it’s not included in the actual box.

Some people got a cute simple necklace in this box, too, but I wasn’t one of the lucky people chosen for that 😦

Mystery box total value: $80. $44.80 in polish; $35.20 in cosmetics. This is calculated using maven values- the value is $100 using non-Maven prices (the price you’d pay online at QVC or Ulta, or the price you’d pay on Julep’s website if you didn’t have an account with them).

It’s a good value, and I’m glad I got it, but the colors weren’t all there for me this box.


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