SftPF // Josie Maran Vibrancy in Dynamic RG5

I’ve been meaning to try the new Vibrancy foundation from Josie Maran since I got it as a free deluxe sample from Sephora. I wasn’t sure what to think about it, which is why I kept holding off. It’s a pretty new formula, so I wasn’t sure what the finish or coverage would be. What if it looked awful, but I still needed to go out that day? Especially hearing some feedback from people- it’s a little too light, maybe, or it’s slightly pinker. I’m not super pink-toned.

I’m not sure why I picked this one up today. I’ve tried more foundations lately than I’ve written reviews for (they’ll be coming- eventually!), and I recently got four samples of higher-end foundations in pump-top bottles, even. Maybe turning 22 has made me somehow more adventurous? All I know is I woke up this morning with a red, slightly rough face. Did I remember moisturizer last night? Who knows. I just knew I needed to get a base onto my face. Stat.

For whatever reason, I grabbed the Josie Maran.

Now I’m so happy I did!

Foundation: Josie Maran Vibrancy in Dynamic RG5

Application technique: Damp RT sponge- also, I needed to use 1.5 pumps of this foundation, which I put onto a stainless steel palette instead of on my wrist.

Shade + tone: Sephora has color matched this to 1Y01, along with MUFE Y205 Alabaster, KVD Lock-It in L42, Cover FX Natural Finish in N0, and Dolce&Gabbana Perfect Luminous in Classic 60. It is more neutral and slighter dark than KVD Lock-It in L42, but I haven’t tried the others. It’s actually a nearly perfect  match. In fact, it looks perfect to me!


Look at me. Look at how luminous and perfect I look! This is in pure natural light, directly after finishing all my makeup for the day.


Coverage: I’m not sure what this is “supposed” to be, but to me, this looks like pretty medium levels of coverage. It can go on a little bit light with the damp sponge- some redness still poked through (even with a green primer on underneath), and my freckling and possible melasma were still noticeable. I ended up building it up on m cheeks, forehead, and nose, and it took to building up to a medium amount, where the redness was really tamepred down, but it never looked flat or entirely one shade, and my freckles were still a bit noticeable- so, for this, I’d say: light to medium, somewhat buildable, but it won’t overpower everything.

Finish: BEAUTIFUL. It goes on this lovely dewy finish, but it’s not sticky or tacky at all. It feels amazing, and I think that’s because of the argan oil? Maybe this is why they call it “vibrancy!” The luminosity dies down a bit over time (perhaps just on me / dry skin) to what seems like a natural to satin finish.

How this looks and feels on skin: It’s absolutely gorgeous. No flaking or caking at all when I put this on. It didn’t cling to any of my dry patches and even made my skin look better. I was so afraid to touch my face, thinking it would instantly rub off because no foundation should ever look this amazing and actually stay on your face. Like, is it possible for a foundation to be perfect? Ugh. But it doesn’t feel tight, itchy, irritating, or bothersome at all. It just feels amazing. And FYI, I did touch it, and it felt just like super soft, incredible skin. Mmmmm.

How long this lasts and how much it oxidizes: I didn’t have high expectations in this regard. Other dewy foundations oxidize pretty heavily during the day (I’m looking at you, Fit Me foundation…), and I’m used to dewy formulas sliding off easily. No, even 7 hours post-application, I look amazing. Let’s just get into pictures during the day, okay?

So, it does wear down a little bit, but I didn’t touch this up AT ALL (just changed what’s on my lips) and I still have decent coverage and it didn’t oxidize at all.

Would I wear this again? ABSOLUTELY. There’s a reason this is called Vibrancy. It breathes life into my skin and matches about as perfect as any foundation can. I’d give this a 9/10- it isn’t “perfect” because it DOES wear down a tiny bit, I wouldn’t try to build this into full, and the price of a bottle? $45… ouch? Also, it’s out of stock right now ): I will actually buy this, full price, whenever it’s back in stock.

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