Sub Boxes // Choix: $2 High-End Samples?!

I’m posting this here because I’m super excited I just found out about this.

Choix (which is the French word, so it’s pronounced “shwa”) is a website/company that offers samples (and full-size) mid-to-high end samples of your choosing. I’ve ordered some foundations from them before. Any sample- be it an eyeshadow, lipliner, base product, or anything else- is normally $5. That said, the site also offers a subscription service: each month, get 5 samples for $20 (one sample “free”), and a yearly subscription (12 boxes; 60 total samples) is $200 (2 boxes free).


But right now, they have a coupon code: 1 year for $120. That’s $10/month- or $2 per sample. Just enter in the coupon code “annual120” when you go to checkout with a yearly subscription!


Once you’ve signed up, you can fill your queue. They’ll take the top 5 products each month in your queue and send you those as samples. If you have nothing in your queue, they’ll send you an email to fill up your queue. If you’d rather be surprised, they do that too!

Note: they have all kinds of products, including some fragrances- and the fragrance samples are generous, 3ml samples in an atomizer! They’re also curating a nail polish section and they have some cleansers and primers as well. Their brands are fairly high-end, including some brands you can’t sample at any Ulta or Sephora!

Finding this deal, I instantly signed up. If you wanna sign up, too, you can find this at If you’d rather just try it out and get a few samples, you can get 10% off your first order instead by using my referral link (it’s also a code).


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