Review // Julep’s “Love Your Bare Face” Detoxifying Cleansing Balm Stick

Well, the one thing I have to say to start out with: that is a long, winded name.  As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Julep’s “Love Your Bare Face” cleansing oil, so I was very excited when the balm stick came out and it was chosen for my maven box. When it came, I was actually so excited, I had to use it that night. I’ve been meaning to review it, but have been a bit busy- so better late than never, right?

Product: Julep’s “Love Your Bare Face” Detoxifying Cleansing Balm Stickbut it’s not available yet on Julep’s own website. You can order it from QVC for $28, but when it comes to Julep’s store, it’ll be $22.40 for Mavens.

Ingredients: The ingredients are much more complicated than the cleansing oil- to the point where I don’t know why they even list it as the same “thing.” The base of this is coconut oil, but other oils are present (tsubaki, grapefruit seed, rice bran, olive, grape seed, jojoba) in much lower concentrations. This product contains glycertin and water, alcohols, and a host of acids (lauric, myristic, etc) that we more like fatty acids- so kind of like an oil. There is also sodium hydroxide listed in the ingredients, which indicates to me that this is a saponifying cleanser- like soap. There are a few other speciality ingredients, like pomegranate ferment extra, green tea leaf extract, and extensin. For preservatives and oil-stabilizers, we have vitamin e, glycols, and phenoxyethanol. You can find the full ingredient list on the previously linked website.

So let’s get into the review!

Ease of use: I am not a huge fan of how this is packaged for use. It looks like a giant tube some kind of balm (which is what it is, right?). You wet your hands and face (which is nice for use in the shower), and then swipe the stick on your hands. Then you rub the product over your face. It’s kind of nice to not have to apply it directly to the face, which may have makeup all over it, but using my hands and not a cloth or sponge irks me a bit.

Does this work? Well, yeah, I guess. It cleans, definitely. It suds up a bit once you use it on your face, even though I found the actual use of it a bit strange (swiping it on my hands felt…unhygienic). It took off my makeup alright, but this isn’t meant to dissolve products exactly, I don’t think. I’d still use a makeup remover wipe before using this (unlike the cleansing oil- that removes everything!).

How does this leave my skin feeling? Tight. I was actually disappointed. It felt like soap and not like a milk, oil, or lotion- it felt stripping. My skin felt drier the day after. I can imagine this working well for people with incredibly oily skin as a night-time cleanser.

Bottom line: 5/10. Yes, I know that’s pretty low. It’s not a bad product, but it feels like… just soap. Plus, rubbing the stick on my hands felt gross and like I was just spreading germs. I’m not sure who would love this cleansing stick, actually.


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