SftPF // Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation in O00

I just posted swatches of the four foundation samples I got from SoChoix, and I did those swatches a bit ago, so naturally it makes sense to do a review on one of them today too. Despite finding what might be my holy grail, I still want to see if there are any others I like.

So, I chose to wear the one that looked the lightest: Shiseido “Radiant Lifting” Foundation in the color O00 (Ochre 00). This is currently not at Sephora.

Product: Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation in Ochre 00 

Application technique: Damp RT sponge (such is typical).

Shade and tone: Like I noted, it’s not a color available at Sephora, so I can’t color match it to their Color IQ. T closest Ochre shade is O20, which color matches to 2Y02. The other shade that is similar in number is I00, which color matches to 3Y03. Hm. I don’t feel comfortable saying this is 1Y01, because to me, it doesn’t look anything like the Josie Maran foundation that is my HG- in fact, it looks darker. To me, it even looks darker than Koh Gen Do #012, which was matched to 2Y02 Either way, on me, it looks a bit too dark, and it also looks slightly too orange? I’m unsure why exactly. It might be too yellow in undertone for me, too, as my neck actually looks more pink next to it, but I think it’s just too dark. Note that this picture actually doesn’t show the variance perfectly. It looks better with my hair down and in bright light. Kinda masks the shade variance.


Coverage: While this seems to be decent coverage, maybe medium, buildable to full but most of the time full-coverage foundations don’t actually cover all my dark freckles.

Finish: Definitely velvety on my skin with a hint of radiance or satin where I’m not super dry. This is supposed to be a “soft focus” kind of foundation that blurs fine lines and hydrates- felt too dry for some parts of my skin. Notice how it kinda looks bumpy or cakey or just kinda weird up by my nose/on my cheeks.

How this looks and feels on my skin: Ehhhhhhh. This one is tricky. It feels okay- no tightness or horrible urge to get it off my skin- and for an almost-matte foundation it cakes less than usual. That said though, it isn’t perfect. We all know I prefer a dewy glow. As it wore, it also ended up flaking around my cheeks. I didn’t notice it over-emphasizing any dry patches when I applied it, though, but it actually DID emphasize some of my pores.

How long this lasts:  It seemed to last decently well for the 10 hours I had it on, but it did start to crack a little. It only claims to last about 12 hours, so I think it lives up to that claim. For the pictures, I only have a 5.5 hour wear to compare too (sorry).

Would I ever wear this again? It’s not bad. I’ll finish up the sample I have- probably enough for one more wear. But given the price of this foundation ($45), it’s not on my “must have” Hrmph.



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