Swatches // New Berry Lipsticks! WnW “Sugar Plum Fairy” and Milani “Violet Volt”

My most current quest: finding a lipstick that matches my hair. I have a lot of really great lipsticks and colors that look great with my hair (let’s be honest: most things look great with my hair because my hair is just so… great? :P). Per some recommendations, I picked up two new lipsticks recently while I picking up some medication: Wet N Wild’s Matte Lipstick in “Sugar Plum Fairy” and Milani’s “Violet Volt.”

So, here are the swatches on my arm. Top: Sugar Plum Fairy. Bottom: Violet Volt


To me, Sugar Plum Fairy looks quite a bit more magenta / red and not a true purple. Violet Volt definitely is more violet, but it pulls more pink on me than in the tube.

And on me… Here we have Sugar Plum Fairy. It looks a little darker in some pictures, but it definitely looks more red than berry on my lips in certain lights. It’s not a very good match for my hair color. It looks okay on me, but not my favorite. To me, it seems slightly too warm perhaps? I’m not sure. It was also pretty difficult to apply- it dragged horribly! I’m also not a fan of matte finishes- it just kinda… felt wrong, I guess. Difficult to apply. However, it was $2. I can’t complain for $2.

Now, I wiped this clean with some makeup remover wipes and tissues. I’m not sure it all came off as my lips looked more coral after use than their usual pinky-mauve color. But here was have Violet Volt. Milani describes this as a metallic sheen, and I definitely see the metallic bits when I apply it. It looks more pink, definitely. I personally really like how it looks, especially in natural light (the second image), but it’s definitely not a perfect match for my hair. It was also a fairly hard lipstick (in texture), but it applied better than the other. This one was about $6, and I find that a totally reasonable price.


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