SftPF // L’oreal True Match Super Blendable in N1 Soft Ivory

I should really re-title this “Lucy Takes Ridiculous Selfies With Subpar Foundation” because that’s what it turned into. I chose N1 because W1 seemed too warm and C1 seemed too dark. I chose the plain ol’ Super Blendable because no other item came in N1. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have dry, pale skin? Apparently, dry skin can’t be as pale as oily skin- which just… ugh.

Anyway. Onto the review.

Product: L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable in Shade N1 Soft Ivory.  Retails for $11. Oil-free, “for all skin types.” We’ll see.

Application type: Not shockingly, a damp RT sponge (but trust me… this is changing…)

Shade + tone: This is the most pale “neutral” shade in their line. IMO, it IS lighter than NC15 in MAC. This does, in fact, look quite neutral.  In this first pic, it actually looks a bit cool compared to my chest- which is odd. I think in this picture, the light from my mirror is distorting the colors (you can see a considerable pink cast above my eyes which are product-free). In this second picture, I just have natural light coming through. It seems like a good match in that pic! I posted a swatch next to a MAC product- some day I’ll do more. This does actually seem quite fair in shade,

Coverage: Online, it claims to be light to medium. I do feel like I got pretty good coverage- medium,

Finish: At first, it appears dewy and luminous, but it dries down to a natural finish (see above pictures), maybe even velvety. Close-up, you can see it is NOT luminous but rather a titch cakey on my dry patches.

How this looks and feels on my skin:  You can see from the above pictures that it’s not that bad, but it does get patchy. In pictures, I actually look alright, but up close is another story. Perhaps it’s from the primers and extra moisturizers, but it didn’t seem horrible on my dry patches- but it’s noticeable. It feels decent on my skin. With a setting spray, it looks better:

How long does this last: It actually lasts alright. I only wore this for about 7 hours, but you can see that it did mostly last throughout the day.

That said, my chin area wore off a bit, but it’s not bad at all. Sorry for the change in lighting! This is 30 min vs 3 hrs post-app.

Would I wear this again? I have the bottle, and it was $11, so yeah. I think it’s a good shade + tone, honestly, even though it doesn’t look fantastic on my skin. I’m eventually going to try to turn this into a tinted moisturizer by adding a drop of argan oil. For a drugstore foundation, I’m just glad it seemed to work color-wise and looked good on camera.


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