Swatches // BB Creams! Missha Perfect Cover, Revlon Photoready, UD Illuminating, and Supergoop!

In my search for a good foundation, I completely forgot about the BB creams I have. Part of it is because I haven’t found a BB I love and the other part is because I haven’t really been focused on them- so I have a few, but none that I find really work.

I got a new BB cream- well, I got a few sample packets of Missha No.13- and I figured it would be nice to document my BBs as well.


I added MAC NW15 for comparison here. From top to bottom, we have:

  • MAC Prolongwear in NW15. I might’ve mislabeled this before as NW13, because I’m pretty sure I AM NW13, but this is NW15. This swatch here has a shadow cast which makes it look more yellow than it is.
  • Supergoop! CC Cream in Fair/Light. This is quite warm and thick and honestly too dark on me, I think. This was a sample (3ml) from Birchbox last month.
  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.13 Light Beige. This is the new one
  • Revlon Photoready BB Cream in 010 Light. This one, on me, looks too yellow and honestly pretty noticeable on my face, but it’s what I’ve been using most for a BB cream. I bought it, and it’s so sheer that it’s passable.
  • Urban Decay ‘Illuminating’ BB Cream. I don’t think this even comes in different shades. They have a bronzing one, but honestly this is so dark on me that I’m not even sure why this isn’t considered a bronzing BB. I’ve worn this once and as soon as I put it on, I had to put something over it because it was too noticeable.

And just because, here’s the swatch after I tried to blend some of it out


I did not get a swatch of these on my jawline or collar bone – I had already moisturized and applied serum and sunscreen, so I didn’t want to have to re-do all of that. That said, I’ll be using this Missha today as the sample sachet is already opened- which means hopefully by tomorrow I can post up my review and thoughts 🙂


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