Lippie Swatches // L’oreal Infallible 105 and 107, WnW Satin 527B, 530D, and 531C

I apologize in advanced for any bad formatting. I left my laptop at my parents’ house, so everything has to be done on my phone.

Today is the first Monday of May, and yesterday was Bloomsday- a 12km road race in Spokane. I walked it with my boyfriend (his first time), and we are in massive amounts of pain today brought on by poor shoe-and-sock choices (blisters-everywhere!). I probably shouldn’t have done that acid peel on my feet a so close to race day, either. My feet began peeling the night before. I was so tired that I fell asleep before the Target beauty box was released, and I woke up after it sold out… Boyfriend’s ankle was twisted, too, so I offered to go out to Walgreens to get him a brace. So to make me feel better, I bought new lipsticks!

  • L’oreal Infallible Pro-Last in 105 Lilac Infinite and 107 Violet Parfait. Walgreens was having a buy two get x amount of points promo on these.
  • Wet n Wild Satin Finish Lipsticks in 527B Fuschia with Blue Pearl, 530D Dark Pink Frost, and 531C Breeze. Promo running this week at Walgreens where you can get 3 of these lipsticks for $2- yep! $0.67 each!

And here are some arm swatches. The top most color is the L’oreal Infallible Pro-Last in 215 Raisin Revival (one I already had). They then go in order, top down, of the list already given.

Lilac Infinite looks like it might really match my hair. The Wet n Wild lippies disappointed me a tad in their opacity, bu  for $2 total for all three, I’m not upset at all. The dark pink frost color looks really nice, and Breeze might work with another color under it.

I’ll be sure to get swatches on my lips once I have more time 🙂


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