Haul + Swatches // $11 Urban Decay Birthday Haul

At the beginning of April, I got an email with a code for a free gel eyeliner (with the purchase of a regular-price item) from Urban Decay. I went through their line of makeup and realized there wasn’t anything I really wanted at the moment, but I put the eyeliner and an exclusive palette in my cart and applied the promo code before deciding not to buy anything.

Fast forward to about a week ago, the end of April, and I learned of the $11 lipstick sale going on. I went back to the website, adding a lipstick to my cart, and then decided I didn’t really want that palette anymore, so I deleted the palette from my cart and noticed that the eyeliner stayed free!

Happy with my $11 lipstick and eyeliner, I went to check out and then realized I had a free birthday kickback, too?? So I added that to my order, and ended up paying $11 for an eyeliner, lipstick, and eyeshadow single!!

Here they are! 

  • 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Heartless. This is a pretty pink!
  • Eyeshadow Single in Lounge. It looks super green here, but it’s actually pretty deceptive.
  • Revolution Lipstick in 69. A nice, bold red.

And of course, we have swatches (in the same order)

Heartless is pretty hard to see, but if you look closely it’s obviously a nice pale pink. Below, Lounge looks like a dark taupey brown. Finally, 69 looks like a bit of a magenta-red.

The lipstick looks decent on me, but the foundation I tried today is a bit too yellow, so it looks a little bit off. I like how white it makes my teeth look, though 😉

And the eye products:

I’m surprised how well they pair up, actually. And yes, I know my brows need some love 🙂

I’m still laptop-less, so I’m sorry if the picture formatting shows up funny at all!


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