Unboxing // Amazon Luxury Beauty Box

The most recent Amazon Luxury Beauty Sample Box came and went really quickly. I managed to snag one up, but it took FOREVER to ship to me- it did NOT ship via Prime, for whatever reason, and took over a week to reach me.

But that’s okay! The box itself was pretty exciting, so I was fine with the wait.

The box is $8.99 as a purchase, but it’s free with a qualifying purchase. I didn’t need or want anything that counted towards the promo, so I just paid $9 for it.

The box itself is really pretty and feels more luxurious- it’s not just cardboard or chipboard, and it has a cute black bow! Opening it up, the luxe feel continues, and it gives you a cute little card, but true card is pretty pointless. Each box differs, so even going to that link isn’t going to help you much- instead I ended up with “box envy” at all the products I didn’t get.

They promise at least 13 products, and I got a total of 15. Two were the same exact sample. I had two full-size products, nine deluxe samples (8 different ones), two small fragrances, and two foil packets.

  • Bliss Foot Patrol AHA Exfoliating Cream, Aloe+Peppermint. I’m excited to try this, especially because at first glance there is no shea!! 30ml DS. Retail value $7.20
  • Julep Polish in “Carla.” This color looks really pretty, but while I don’t think I have this exact shade, it looks pretty similar to LuLu? Full size. Retail value $14.
  • La Roche-Possay Anthelios 60 Sunscreen Fluid. This is the one I got double samples of. I can always use more sunscreen, but it’s not really expensive, and I got two of them so I’m a little irritated at that. 3ml DSx2. Retail value $1.35 each.
  • Lierac Mesolift Serum. The second ingredient is orange juice, so I’m both excited and terrified that it’ll be too harsh on me. 8ml DS. Retail value $16.
  • Topping Hair Fattener Serum. I usually avoid these things (I have a LOT of hair naturally, so I don’t need it), but I’m apparently shedding my winter coat, so I’ll give it a go. 3ml DS. Retail value $5.89
  • Sabon Shower Oil, Delicate Jasmine. This was leaking in my box, sadly, and tbh I’m not a big fan of jasmine, but I love shower oils! This one seems thicker/more viscous, like a gel. Idk? 50ml DS. Retail value $2.30
  • Shaveworks The Cool Fix Gel Lotion. I don’t shave enough to need this, honestly (I’m in the process of laser hair removal), but my eczema-prone boyfriend gets really bad razor burn, so it’ll go to him. 29ml DS. Retail value $4.65
  • Ahava Mineral Hand Cream. I’m not usually a hand cream person, but this excites me because there’s no shea! 20ml DS. Retail value $3.68
  • Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste. I’m never hurting for toothpaste, and I’m not one to go out of my way to buy special brands, but I always love getting these anyway. Toothpaste is always a good idea! I’m happy this is a mint flavor, and I’m excited that it’s whitening too. 10ml DS. Retail value $1.80
  • Vincent Longo Eyeshadow Trio in Curious Violet. I couldn’t find this one specifically on Amazon, but I do like the colors. One is a blue-based purple, then a true sky blue, and finally a cream color. Very pretty, but I’m a bit hesitant about the blue. No swatches as I’m unsure if I want to sell or not. Full size. Retail value $30. 
  • Calvin Klein Fragrance, Euphoria. I like that this comes in a spray bottle. It’s not my favorite scent, but I like it enough. Pomegranate, orchid, and some woody notes are pretty noticeable. 1.2 ml fragrance in an atomizer. Retail values seemingly vary- $0.63 from Amazon, $1.66 from ULTA.
  • Catherine Maladrino Style de Paris. I have this scent in a deluxe sample spray, and I like it enough to wear it semi-regularly. Having some more is nice to pop into the atomizer, but for people without the fragrance, this might be an irritating sample as it has no atomizer. 2ml fragrance without atomizer. Retail value $4.33 from Amazon, $3.20 from ULTA.
  • Vichy Idéalia Life Serum Skin Idealizer. I like serums, but I’m unsure what exactly this is supposed to do for me. 1.5ml foil packet. Retail value $1.95
  • Nuxe Merveillance Regenerating Night Cream. I don’t really need a skin cream to fill in or firm, but I love night creams as they tend to be richer and more moisturizing, so I’ll us it anyway. 2ml foil packet. Retail value $2.28.

Overall, the value of this box is around $96 based on retail prices, and for me personally about $30.50. Paying less than $10, this is a good value to me just based on the nail polish or eyeshadow!

It also came with a code for $10 off a $50 luxe beauty purchase on Amazon: LUXBOX16. I think this code is the same for everybody and not a box-specific code!


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