Unboxing // Julep May 2016

I spent a LOT of time debating whether or not to take my Julep box for this month. I’ve stocked up on the items I love, and while there are items I still have yet to try (or just colors I want to try!), there was only room for two skin care or makeup items in the May box (I like when I can get three items!), and most swap options were items I’ve already tried or still have a lot of. Eventually, I decided not to skip and instead choose two items that I was decently excited to try..//

Yep, in my box are just two items:

  1. Skip the Brush in Peony Pink. This is a creme blush stick in a pretty
    pink that reminds me of Barbie. Slight shimmers. You can really control how much pigment you want, and it seems like it’s light enough for my skin which is fabulous. Retail value: $24, $19.20 maven. Currently on sale for $12, just this one shade.
  2. Your Lip Addiction in Covet. This is a tinted lip oil (base is grapeseed oil). Imparts a very light color; this one is a very sheer pink. Because it’s so sheer, it lets natural tones shine through so I think it could work on any skin tone. Retail value:  $22, $17.60 maven.

And of course, swatches! Swatched in the same order as above, and I blended out the blush on the one side. Also included is a picture of me with the lip oil on (nothing else on my face).

So, overall, I’m happy with these products. I paid $19.99 for this box, about $10 an item, and I think that’s on par with how much I’d value them personally. It also came with a code for a free nail polish with any $10 purchase- MAYCOLOR. Pretty much the same thing as April’s code (which still works: APRCOLOR).


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