Haul // ColourPop Lippies!

Remember a couple weekends ago when ColourPop had that flash sale? I may have taken advantage of that 20% off and ordered some lip colors in the mauve and purple family!

I bought (note: left to right in product pic; top to bottom in swatch)

  1. Lip Primer! I really want to see how this performs with the matte colors- not swatches, because just a clear balm 😛
  2. Lippie Stix Matte X in Climax
  3. Ultra Satin Lip in Prim
  4. Ultra Satin Lip in Molly
  5. Ultra Satin Lip in Panda
  6. Ultra Matte Lip in Privacy Please
  7. Ultra Matte Lip in Be Dazzled

This was my first time purchasing from ColourPop and I’m not honestly sure what to think about them. Their customer service was iffy at best. First is the issue where some people had their CC info potentially stolen- but based on what I know of internet security (*cough* boyfriend’s dream job is in that field), it’s not really their fault. No, the real issue I had? I purchased this on a Saturday, about a few hours after the flash sale started. But, it took until Thursday or Friday to ship to me, whereas people who ordered on Sunday already had their packages before then! I don’t mind waiting for my packages, really, but I DO mind when orders aren’t processed in order of placement. If I buy something more than a day before somebody else, I expect my order to be processed and shipped first.

Now, the colors in the swatches aren’t dry, but here’s what I’ve noticed. The LippieStix has a crayon-esque feel to it with a lot of drag. Decent pigmentation, but it definitely is matte from the start. The Ultra Satin Lips are very satiny, and they don’t dry down for a while it seems. I touched my arm and it went everywhere, so I’m going to assume this is pretty high transfer. I showered and did a quick wash with some shower oil, and it came off easily but left a nice stain. The Ultra Matte Lips go on like a normal liquid lip and take a bit to dry, but do dry down matte. If you rub it, it WILL flake, and the stain it leaves behind isn’t very vibrant.

I’ll be trying out Climax first!


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