Review // Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Honolulu

So, this came in a sub box last month, and I thought it looked so pretty and dark when I swatched it. I’m a sucker for dark lips against my skin- just like I look best with dark hair (or, well, at least I think I do!). This is actually my first Ofra product, too!

Product: Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

Shade + Tone: The color I got is called “Honolulu.” It’s a very dark plum color- more of a reddish plum than a purple plum. Personally, I find it a very stunning color!

I love how it looks in comparison to my tone and my hair, although I would like a color a little more purple and less reddish. It’s quite pretty! Pigmentation is excellent, too!!

Application: This comes as a liquid lip (duh) with a doe-foot applicator. I found application pretty messy as I typically do with a doe-foot. There is some feathering, but it’s not horrible. If I used a lip liner, I think this would be a much cleaner application.

Finish + Feel: This isn’t a drying formula; it’s more of a satiny finish than matte, definitely, and it takes a long time to dry… actually, I never noticed it dried at all. It feels good on my lips.

Transfer + Lasting: OH BOY for as beautiful as this lippie is, it has HORRID transfer. Here’s my Dr. Pepper can after taking three sips….


Despite it’s intense transfer, it lasts alright when it’s on and you don’t really do anything…. which is a bit impractical for most of life, but might work as a nice dark color for work. Dates that end in kisses? Nope. Standard satiny lip.

Overall: Honestly, given the retail price ($18) and poor lasting ability, I’d rather buy my L’oreal Infallibles (for $13), but I can give this a 6/10. It loses points on transfer, application, and price.


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