SCAMS!! // Lippe Box is NOT REAL.

So, nearly a week ago, when I mentioned that CrateJoy was having a mother’s day sale, I found this subscription box called Lippe Box that offered a FREE MONTH. That’s so atypical for new, small boxes, but I figured: why not? My products came today, and I was going to do an unboxing, but then I realized that the products were fakes!

Let’s start with the obvious fake: a lipstick by “Anastasia Beverly Hills.”  

See anything sketchy about this label? Hint: “Milksuake.” Yup. Also, a swatch reveals a very bright pink, not a slightly muted pink that the real Milk Shake looks like!

Next, a MAC- “Lady Danger.”

This is less noticeable, but first: A10. This means it’s the first batch produced in January of 2010, but it also looks stamped at a different time. Also notice: “COSME TICS.” A well defined space between the E and T. This is NOT MAC!

Fake products are a serious issue- many are produced in Asian countries and are not up to the same FDA standards required in the US, meaning they may contain heavy metals.

Please, if you have this sub, cancel now! Don’t give Lippe your money!



15 thoughts on “SCAMS!! // Lippe Box is NOT REAL.

  1. Tanya Dyachenko says:

    Fake or not, I like my Lippe box. I couldn’t afford these brands any other way. Two thumbs up!, or rather I should say two lipsticks up for Lippe Box!


    • Lucy Tries Beauty says:

      Well, for $15, you can get gently used, real products over at reddit’s makeupexchange. I’m not disparaging people who can’t afford real products at all, but fakes can be very dangerous! They may contain lead-based colorants and other heavy metals which can poison you. It’s just something to be aware of!

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    • Lucy Tries Beauty says:

      From what I’ve heard from others, most people are getting fakes but some people are either getting better fakes or legit products. Mine were obviously fakes, but somebody else I know who also got “milk shake” had one that looked much more legit (but I didn’t get to see it in person). I didn’t contact CrateJoy, but somebody else I know DID, and got a reply that CrateJoy is looking into the business for breach of contract/terms and conditions. Somebody else noted that both accounts she uses had a subscription status as “cancelled” when she went to cancel it herself today. Check to see what the status is for you! They may be shut down already.

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      • The Beauty Official says:

        Thank God you posted about Lippe Box! I just contacted Cratejoy because I was freaking out–no way do I want Lippe Box having my payment information! I’m just waiting for Cratejoy to call me back. Fake cosmetics can be so dangerous! I’m tossing mine in the trash can as soon as I receive them in the mail!


      • Lucy Tries Beauty says:

        You’ll be happy to know that CrateJoy does not give vendors access to the CC info! From what I’ve gathered, they are stored securely on CrateJoy’s servers, and all payments go through CrateJoy (I think it’s similar to PayPal? But I’m not sure). But they will “blank out” your credit card records if you ask 🙂

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