Unboxing // Ipsy May 2016 “Destination Chic.”

My Ipsy bag this month felt pretty “eehhhh” to me when I first peeked at it. The truth of the matter is that there just weren’t a lot that I wanted this month based on the spoilers (although the cute whale brush caught my eye and I always want more sheet masks). When I saw my spoilers, I wasn’t particularly thrilled, but thinking about how they matched my profile, I honestly believe it was well curated to my preferences.


Let’s talk about the bag, first of all, because I looooove this new design! It reminds me of envelopes, and I just adore it! I’m not sure why exactly I prefer the envelope style; perhaps it’s because it just looks more vintage, because zippers are so overdone, or some other reason. The novelty of it is exciting! I got this blue bag, which while I like it more in person, wasn’t my favorite- I was hoping for a purple or pink. Luckily, I found somebody willing to swap bags with me!

Now, onto the products:

  • BellaPierre Gel Lip Liner in 02 Nude. Now, this looks full size, but reading the labels, this says “1.5g” on it, whereas on the BellaPierre website, the liner is 1.8 grams. It could be old stock from a time where they put a little less in the product. Seems odd to have a sampler be only a tiny bit less than the full-size! Moving on- the actual color is supposed to be rosy-brown, but on my arm, it looks orangey-brown, which is odd given my skin tone. Perhaps it’s just less-rosy than my own skin? I don’t have a lot of lip liners, so I’m okay with getting one in my bag, and I’m interested to see how it ends up looking on me (especially because it’s dark enough to maybe match my lips). This DOES have shea in it, but the arm swatch didn’t reveal a reaction. Retail value: $15 (based on FS being 1.8g)
  • Smashbox X-Rated Mascara. This was the “everybody is getting one of these!” product that came in my bag. I really do have a LOT of mascara (thank you, Sephora Lash Stash!), so it’s not needed, but given the other options, I think this one was best tailored to how I’ve had my profile set. The other options where a gel eye liner, which I would’ve liked but I had the eyeliner box un-checked, and a GlamGlow mask, which a LOT of people love but is NOT for my skin type. I have not tried this mascara, so I can’t give any preliminary reviews. It doesn’t list sample size on the tube, either, but it is definitely a deluxe sample size, and googling told me it was probably 3 grams, with full-size being 9 grams. Retail value: $7.33.
  • Aurora Gel Effect Nail Lacquer in Old School Pink. I got a polish last month which disappointed me. I answered all the review questions for that negatively (no, I would not buy it, I don’t use nail polish, etc etc), so this was my “least looking forward to” product in this month’s bag- I JUST told them no polish! But when I saw how HOT PINK it was, it became one of my “most excited to try” products. I believe Ipsy only sends full-size nail polish, too, which is nice- this one is 12ml and my favorite Julep polishes are 8ml, so that’s an added bonus. Retail value: $12.00
  • Epice Hydrating Mask. So, I KNOW I said I wanted the sheet masks. And I did. SO BADLY. I am a sheet-fiend (this applies to bedtime, too- ask the boyfriend). But, given how my face is SO DRY, I understand why they chose the hydrating mask for me. I’m happy that there is NO shea butter in this, but the second and third ingredients (after water) are kaolin clay and bentonite, which I’m not sure how well my skin will like those. 1 oz deluxe sample size (full size is 3.3 oz). Retail value: $10.61. 
  • Slmissglam Small Countour W07 Brush. This is a brush brand I’ve never heard of- they seem pretty new. I don’t do any contouring personally, and the brush is too big for eyes but too small for any face application I’d use it for- so it’s just not for me. It feels soft, and I like the appearance (minus the little jewels on the ferule; it looks a bit tacky to me, but that’s preference). I’m actually exchanging this for the sperm whale Glamour Dolls brush (with the same person I’m exchanging the actual bag with). I couldn’t find a retail value for this brush exactly- it only comes in a set of 25 brushes, totally $325, so I extrapolated. Retail value: $13.00

Total retail value: $57.94. Now, I evaluated what the values would be to me based on first impressions without looking any of the retail data up, and for my own personal use, I value this bag at $22.00. This DOES NOT count the bag itself, which raises both retail and personal value up a bit.

And because I like spreadsheets, here’s one for this month’s bag:


What did everybody else get? Anything disappointing or amazing? What about items you were pleasantly surprised about? Also… does anybody else love spreadsheeting as much as I do? Let me know- I love discussions!


3 thoughts on “Unboxing // Ipsy May 2016 “Destination Chic.”

  1. Jenna says:

    Yes, I’m a spreadsheet maniac. In fact, the first thing that popped into my head was to ask what font you used for “IPSY.”


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