Unboxing // Scent Trunk May 2016

Scent Trunk is one of those subscriptions that I justify mainly on the basis of “fun” and “discovery.” In terms of value, there isn’t really much- a few little samples of perfume aren’t worth much. So unlike most of my other unboxings, this won’t be about value.

I noticed when my box came that in the packaging was a cute little accordion card that details what the company is about and how to properly wear a perfume and determine notes. This wasn’t in my first box, but I think it’s really helpful to anybody new to perfumes. The actual box and perfume samples are the same in appearance as my first box- simple and sleek with little info cards for each perfume. That said, all my perfumes were very difficult to spritz this round and I’m not sure why.

The three scents that came:

  1. Rose Étoile de Hollande by Mona di Orio, from France! The name suggests rose, but this isn’t an overpowering “vintage” rose scent. The top notes of white peach and heliotrope play well with the rose, turning this into a light, summery scent and less of a matronly one.
  2. Chemical Bonding by Ineke. This fragrance is hard for my to describe. I expected something that reminds me of my days in a lab, but I get heavy scents of a citrus fruit I can’t quite pinpoint mixed with florals. It’s definitely summery to me upon first spray. The dry-down is harder to pinpoint- it’s very faint. I notice some of the vetiver the info card notes, but it doesn’t end with a heavy powdery note to me.
  3. Forbidden Love by La Fleur by Livvy. Even though she spells her name differently, this excited me because my little sister’s name is Livi! This has got to be my favorite scent right now. It opens up with a scent that is reminiscent of dreamsicle. Only a little bit of floral is hidden in there. As it dries down, it smells incredibly vanilla. It reminds me a lot of my Orofluido hair oil, but stronger.

Overall, I’m pleased with these scents! I will definitely wear each one.


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