Unboxing // Lip Monthly May 2016

So, May has been pretty disappointing. My boxes haven’t been awful exactly- they’ve just been kind of meh. Corals, sunless tanners, and items I don’t really need at the moment have been a theme. That’s not to say I won’t appreciate them eventually, just that I wasn’t super excited.

I was hoping my “last half of May” would be better for my boxes, but when I received info that my boxes were delayed by a few days, I wasn’t hopeful. Well, now that my Lip Monthly box has come, I can safely say that at least one of my boxes this month has hit it out of the park!


The bag itself is really cute and simple this month- a plain white bag with bright yellow tulips! To me, this feel just like May- the “in between” of spring and summer- spring pattern with a summery coloring that gently taps your shoulder and whispers, “Better days are coming.” The items themselves are just so perfect for me, too!

  • Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain 3 in 1 in Manna Babe. It’s a pretty color (I loooove berries), and the swatch is NOT as sticky as you expect a gloss to be. I really like this, actually, but I don’t like that the #1 ingredient is mineral oil (sustainability issues). Full size, RV is $24.
  • So Susan Jello Shot Rosy Cheek & Lip Stain in Hangover. I wasn’t sure about this when I took it out of the box- I was expecting pink but oh, it smells and looks just like orange jello. It actually turns a coral pink once on- idk how they did it. It kept changing even after the swatch pic. It’s actually still changing a bit- more of a hot pink, like what the Ipsy pink polish looks like. Full size, RV $24.95
  • Dirty Little Secret Lipstick in Vengeance. This is a dark berry color much like the Manna Kadar product, but as a bullet lipstick. This confuses me because when I was googling the brand and found the website, Vengeance was more of a red- the color in the tube looks more like Guilty Pleasure, but none of them seem right. I don’t know. Full size, RV $10.
  • Jor’el Parker Fango Mud Mask. This is the non-lip product and I’m unsure what I think exactly about this either. It didn’t come with a product list, but the tube lists a few key ingredients on the front- sweet almond oil, avocado oil, green tea antioxidants, and volcanic ash minerals. If that’s all that’s in it, I’m excited to try! It’s 100% vegan which isn’t necessary for me but is nice. They list it at $10 (probably claiming full-size, too), but when I googled, I only found a 7 oz one at Harvey Prince $27, making this… Deluxe sample, RV $3.86.

The packaging was SO CUTE, especially for the Jello Shot, that I wanted to include a picture of the packaging, too. I love all three! They just… make me happy. Honestly, and this is kind of funny, the Manna Kadar packaging reminds me of Glossybox’s box, the So Susan one reminds me of Ipsy, and the Dirty Little Secret packaging reminds me of Boxycharm.

Naturally I can’t post lip products without swatches! Left swatch is fresh; right is after a bit of time and some rubbing. From top to bottom:

  • Manna Kadar, Manna Babe. This doesn’t leave a huge tint, but it definitely leaves SOME tint.
  • So Susan Jello Shot in Hangover. Note: this turns from “omg orange” to “omg pink.” It actually matches my nail polish I got from Ipsy this month.
  • Dirty Little Secret in Vengeance: It rubs a bit but it’s not awful.

And of course, we can’t forget the spreadsheet!!


Overall, I’m so pleased! A total retail value of $62.81, and a total personal value of $33!! This is only my second Lip Monthly bag, but I really, truly love this sub so far.

If you haven’t signed up, you can use my referral link here to subscribe. A regular month-to-month subscription is $12.95/month, but you can use the code “50OFF” to get your first bag for half off. You can also get a free month with a four-month sub using the code “1STFREE” ($40/4 months) or three free months with a yearly sub using “3FREE” ($120/12 months). Would definitely recommend!!


2 thoughts on “Unboxing // Lip Monthly May 2016

  1. Classycatsbox says:

    This is probably the best Lip monthly box I’ve seen yet. The bag is so cute! I really like the Dirty little Secret lipstick, I got it in Januarys Ipsy and use it all the time 🙂


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