Different Day, Different Lip // Week 1

After looking through all the lip products I have, I realized something: I could literally wear a different lip every day for over two months. Some of them I had never actually used. Some of them I thought were just wrong for me.

So naturally I decided to make a project out of it: wear a different lip product each day for at least 4 weeks, if not longer. I’m posting them each day on my Tumblr to help document, but I think on here, weekly recaps are best 🙂

Day 1: Wet n Wild Silk Finish in 526C in “Retro Pink.”


Day 1 started on a Wednesday, and as we all know… On Wednesdays we wear pink! These are only $1 normally, and I got mine on a special sale (3/$2). Given the price, I was especially fond of this! It offered enough pigment, felt nice on my lips, and didn’t feather or bleed at all. It does transfer, but all lip colors that don’t dry down have that issue. Amazing for $0.67.

Day 2: L’oreal Infallible Pro-Last in “Violet Parfait.”


This is a bit more muted than other purples I have, and I think the selfie itself just greys me out too. I’m not sure this is my favorite color in the line, but I do know this: this is literally my favorite lip product formula ever. Easy to apply, doesn’t bleed or feather, dries quickly, virtually no transfer, and includes that nice balm on the other side of the tube to give it gloss and hydration.

Day 3: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in “Privacy Please.”


This one was recommended to me by a Reddit user to match my hair. I think it’s a little more pink than my hair is, but I do LOVE the color. The formula, however? Ugh. Just ugh. Once it dried, it felt constricting, and at first I thought “Oh, it’s low-transfer” but I was wrong. It’s low transfer with just blotting, but as soon as any friction is applied, it rubs off. It also is very water soluble and the whole day, it kept bleeding away from my lips- bonus pics of the horror below.

Day 4: No Make-Up Day: My own DIY Lanolin using TKB Trading’s Mica “Pink — Red/Blue Shade.”



Not much to say here, as it’s a home-made product. It’s a glossy squeezable lip balm made with lanolin and almond oil. The formula I use makes a sheer color, and this mica in particular is quite sheer with pigments that reflect a more purple and blue in the light. I like it, which is probably why I made it 😉

Day 5: Appeal Cosmetics Luxurious Lipstick in “Crush” and Revlon Colorburst Matte in “Shameless.” 

Yes, two for Day 5. Let’s talk about Crush first: This is a very coral color. It was a very strange formulation- it literally melted on my lips and got liquidy and wouldn’t stay fully opaque on my lips. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing- it still lets some of my natural tone through, which I think helps me pull it off. I made sure to use a slightly more yellow-toned foundation as I was worried it might clash with my more pinky-grey tone. That said, I had to use a lip brush to really get the formula where I wanted it. It definitely is a nice summer shade but I worry about the consistency.

Next, Shameless. This is a color I was told I should try out because of my hair color, but when I went to buy it, I found it had been discontinued, so I bought it from somebody from the UK (who was very sweet about it). it’s a lovely purple berry, and it doesn’t feel drying like most matte products. The crayon-like shape makes it harder to control where the product goes, so once again, I used a lip brush to help get coverage on my full lip as I didn’t want it going “outside.” It is a little splotchy. Quite dark, but I like it.

Day 6: Laura Geller Love Me Dew Lip Crayon in “Fig Prosecco.”


I love the formula on this- super hydrating and yes, dewy, without feeling sticky. My only complaint is the color is more of a warm light brown; it’s not “fig” at all; it’s namesake is DEFINITELY the alcoholic beverage! It’s pretty but may be a bit too warm for my liking- but I’ll definitely wear again.

Day 7: Urban Decay Lipstick in “Mad Hatter.”


I’m so in love with this color!! It matches my hair really well! It applies really easily but I dislike how it stiff the formula is- it feels scratchy. It doesn’t stay on amazingly well, but pretty good for a bullet lipstick, and when it does fade, it leaves a pretty magenta-pink color behind that I love, too. Note: My face is weird as I used UD Naked Skin 0.5 and it just slightly isn’t right for me :/


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