Unboxing // Boxycharm May 2016

I know, I know. I’ve been MIA for a couple days, and now this is old news. See, Boxycharm was supposed to get in on Thursday, then it was supposed to get in on Friday, and then I had to make an impromptu drive out to visit my parents for the weekend- and I left my laptop at home. Remember the last time I visited my family and left my laptop there? Ugh.

Now that I’m back home, with full access to my laptop and with my Boxycharm in my mail box, I’m ready to share my thoughts with you all!


The theme this month is SO cute! I love the little info card- so floral and yes, it reminds me of Spring. Actually, more specifically, it reminds me of the Spring during my sophomore year of high school. I love when little things like this can bring me back in time, especially now that I’m starting to look at graduate schools (you know, what I should’ve been doing 3 years ago… whoops).

But I digress: May’s Boxycharm. In it we have:

  • PurMinerals Double Ego Liner in Madagascar. This is a dual-ended liner; one side as a pencil liner in it and the other has a felt-tip liquid liner. While the overall size is pretty small (0.1 g for the pencil and 0.7ml for liquid), it is full-size. The felt tip side is actually very nice- it didn’t smudge at all and seemed to dry instantly.

    Swatches from top to bottom: Double Ego Liquid and Pencil in Madagascar,  Starlooks Lip Pencil in Charmed, and MUG Blush in XOXO

    That said, it did “crack” a little on my swatch (meaning if I pulled the skin taut, there were some very small breaks in the line, where the color didn’t make it onto the skin), but it’s nice and easy to use. It is incredibly dark and looks almost black, but in direct light it does have a slight green olive color to it, and when the liner eventually rubs off (mine came off from my watch’s wrist band over night), it leaves a green tint. The pencil-liner isn’t nearly as dramatic and it is very obviously an olive green, but it’s also not very opaque and seems to rub off easily. Full-size, RV $21.

  • The BrowGal Clear Eyebrow Gel. I’m a bit unsure how I feel about this one. I’ve never heard of the brand, and I’m not an eyebrow person. The box does say that you can also use it over mascara to waterproof it, though, and I might try that with some of my favorite, non-waterproof formulas. Full-size, RV $20. 


    MUG Blush in it’s compact!

  • Makeup Geek Blush in XOXO. This is actually a totally new product- it’s not even released on MUG’s website. I love the compact! It’s so… sleek, I guess? The color itself is a peachy-pink with salmon in it. It’s not light but not dark, more mid-toned I suppose, and it seems pretty highly pigmented. It feels buttery and creamy despite being a powder, too, just based on the quick arm swatch. We’ll see how it works on my skin, though, as I’ve heard from others it’s so pigmented that it’s nearly unwearable. Full-size, RV $15.
  • Ella+Mila Nail Polish in Pistache. This is such a lovely shade! It’s a nice pastel green, and while I think it probably is meant to be reminiscent of pistachio ice cream, to me it’s more of a mint-green. Either way, I love it- this color happens to be my favorite! The bottle is actually quite large, too- 14.8ml (half an ounce), compared to my Julep polishes that are 8ml. I’m probably going to give myself another manicure today using this! Full size, RV $10.50.


    Ella+Mila Nail Polish in Pistache, just to show the color a bit better.

  • Starlooks x Boxycharm Ultra Longwear Lip Pencil in “Charmed.” I haven’t actually worn this product yet, so I’m unsure exactly how it’ll match my lips and lipstick, but it actually almost totally matches the color of the plastic casing. That’s kinda cool. It’s a muted pinkish nude that pulls warm on me and like XOXO, it’s in a medium shade. It glides on easily and has serious stay power, which is very important to me. I might have some lip products it could work with, too. My biggest complaint: the actual product is “loose” in the tube and when I opened it up, it fell out. Open this thing pointed up, or you might lose all the product! Full size, RV $19.50.
  • Catherine Malandrino Romance de Provence Perfume. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this one. I’m one of the few people who adore fragrances and don’t mind them in boxes, and I love that Boxycharm gives me a huge amount- 10ml in an atomizer as opposed to 1.2ml in a teeny vial. But I haven’t gone through my Style de Paris from March, and I’m just… unsure what I think about Romance de Provence. It’s a bit sweet, but complex and powdery, and it feels more… mature, I suppose. I haven’t gotten to smell a dry-down, but even when you first open the cap, you smell the base notes pretty heavily. I know that the perfume is sold for $20, but I base mine off of the 1.7fl oz “real bottles,” as this little spritzer feels way less refined and to me isn’t indicative of the “full size” experience with a fancy bottle. So yes. I call this a deluxe sample and not full-size. Deluxe sample, RV $16. 

And of course I have to add in the spreadsheet!

boxycharm may 2016

Now, for a $21 box (month-to-month; it’s $19.67/box if you do a 3-month sub), the value is definitely there in this box, even though it’s the lowest valued box I’ve gotten from them. That said, I think I like the products more in this box than in the others and my PV is just $2 less than my first box, which had some more expensive products in it. They are just consistently one of my favorite boxes. I will be doing a 3-month review soon and go through my process to decide if I’m going to keep this box or try another similar one.


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